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Everyone has a favourite Disney movie, and everyone has a favourite Disney character. Alongside this, everyone has a favourite Disney villain but who tops that Disney villains list?

I definitely feel villains are becoming more and more popular in modern times. I don’t think I ever saw Maleficent bags when I was younger.

Below are some of the fabulous Disney villains who have graced our screens over the years and it’s been difficult narrowing it down to seven as, let’s face it, they’re all tremendously evil.


Who is the baddest Disney villain of all time?

This is such a tough question as each of the Disney villains is bad in their own way. How do we judge these villains on being the baddest? Is it how many puppies they’ve turned into coats? Is it how many mer-people have been transformed into seaweed? Well, let’s see just what these Disney villains have been doing and what puts them in this Disney villains list.

7. Maleficent

Ahhh, one of the OGs of Disney. She was terrifying as a child and, even now, she sends a chill up my spine as she is immersed in green fire. To be fair to her though, I’d be pretty miffed too if everyone was invited to a party and I wasn’t. The poor woman was completely ostracised and she only had a bird for company – that’s enough to send anyone a little bonkers.

However, she’s made it to number 7 in the Disney villains list as, at the end of the day, she was bullying a baby and that’s pretty messed up. Get it together, Mal!

6. Jafar

You know what I love about Jafar? He absolutely rates himself as a stud and thinks he’s good enough for Princess Jasmine to be his wife. Even when she’s leading him on in that sultry red outfit, he doesn’t suspect it’s a ruse; he’s just like, “Oh yeah! I knew she wanted me!” Playerrrr!!

Our Jafar has made it into the Disney villains list as he was a narcissistic control-freak who was ready to kill to gain power. And, obviously, we’ve mentioned him being a creep that is just not acceptable!

Jafar Jasmine hypnotizing by Friezak on DeviantArt

5. Ursula

Aha, everyone’s favourite sea witch! But, at the end of the day, she is another power-hungry Disney villain who wants control over everyone. She has major issues with King Triton that really do make us question what’s gone on here before… Was she jilted at the alter by Triton, just like her alter-ego Vanessa was jilted by Eric?

Ursula has so much beef with King Triton that she turns the majority of people in his kingdom into weird, little seaweedy creatures and then tries to ruin his daughter’s life by marrying the man she loves. She has major anger issues but, in honour of the seaweeders, Ursula has made it to number 5 in the Disney villains list.

What name does Ursula call herself when she is human? - The Disney ...

I’m not going to lie, I always thought human Ursula (Vanessa) looked fabulous.

Who is the most popular Disney villain?

4. Scar

Right, now we’re at my favourite and I think he’s one of, if not the most popular Disney villain. He is just wonderfully vicious and the fact he has a British accent compared to his brother, Mufasa, who has an American accent. Wild!

Now, I have a whole fan-theory about Scar. I believe he was just misunderstood. He always lived in his brother’s shadow and was made to feel like an outcast. I even wonder who actually gave him that scar! That looks like it came from a claw… Mufasa’s claw, perhaps? And what a shame that he is known only by his disfiguration.

What was his name before? Pete? So, poor Pete has had to live with his big, bully of a brother who always made him feel inferior and then taught his son to do the same. No wonder Pete is so bitter and twisted. He doesn’t even have any lion friends to play with which ended with him joining a gang. It’s just not fair. Justice for Pete!

Queer Coded: Scar ("The Lion King") - JUST ADD COLOR

3. Gaston

Here he is; everyone’s favourite brute. He probably has the best song out of all the Disney villains too.

Now, the reason he has made it to number 3 in the Disney villains list is that he, like Jafar, is a narcissist with extremely toxic traits. Fair play to Belle for seeing through this misogynistic fiend, unlike those three blonde saps who were consistently gooey-eyed and chasing Gaston round. Yikes!

The thing we all love about Gaston though is that even though he’s a villain, he’s also rather comical. My favourite moment of Gaston’s is when he turns up at Belle’s house expecting her to just marry him on a whim. Bold!

Belle and Gaston's marriage proposal | Disney characters, Beauty ...

Who is the cruelest Disney villain?

2. Cruella De Vil

Oh, she’s mean. Just look at that hair! That hairstyle just screams being one of the cruelest of the Disney villain characters.

I’m sure you will all agree that Cruella is worthy of being number 2 on the Disney villains list as she has an obsession with killing Dalmatian puppies and for what? A flippin’ coat! It’s difficult to put Cruella any lower on this list when she’s bumping off poor puppies.

Cruella De Vil: The Nasty Woman Role Model We Need.

Who takes the top spot?

1. The Evil Queen

She just had to pip everyone else to the post and be crowned the Queen on this Disney villains list.

This evil queen was determined to murder the lovely Snow White just because she has a pretty face. I mean, come on! We’ve all felt envious of other people’s looks but to go to the extent of killing them off, that’s a bit extreme. But the reason The Evil Queen has the number one spot is because she didn’t even want to stop there. She was so desperate to make sure that she’d been killed off, she requested Snow White’s heart in a box… and that box had a symbol of a heart and dagger on it… so, it’s safe to say that this was all pre-meditated and, therefore, proves that she was indeed extremely wicked!

Can anyone else imagine Snow White standing in a big hall and asking, “Who here as been personally victimised by the evil queen?” I reckon a fair few would raise their hands.

The Evil Queen in 'Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs' - The Most ...

Who is the least evil Disney villain?

I’m leaving you with a little bonus villain here…

Captain Hook

Is it just me who finds Captain Hook quite loveable? He’s another one who’s feeling bitter and twisted because of things that have happened to him in the past…by his bully, Peter Pan. And, once again, he’s identified by his disfiguration. No one calls him “Captain James”, it’s like “Oh look, you have a hook on your hand…and you’re a captain…let’s call you Captain Hook!” No wonder he has such low self-esteem.

New Annual Passholder Discount for Captain Hook's Pirate Crew ...

So, who is your favourite Disney villain from the list? Or do you have another one to add? Hades? Prince John? Sid? Hans? Let me know!

Loulabella xoxo

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