What is the best Disney resort for adults? Top 10

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Are you planning a Disney World vacation but not sure where to stay? Do you wish to stay somewhere that is an adults only resort near Disney World? Well, this list is designed to help you as you search for the best Disney resort for adults in Orlando, Florida.

Within this list, we will explore the Disney resorts available that are most suited for adults, including what the resort has to offer, price range (£-£££££) and distance from the Disney theme parks.

Top Tip: There are currently no adults-exclusive resorts but this list should help you find a hotel that is not over-run with children

Hopefully, this will help you on your quest of designing your perfect Disney vacation for adults.

Is it weird for adults to go to Disney world?

Those who have not been brought up on Disney may think a vacation to Disney World is going to be the most childish experience they will have in their adult life. Some may even feel slightly embarrassed by the notion of telling others that you are visiting Walt Disney World with no kids.

But, please believe me when I say this, Disney World is suited to EVERYONE.

Seriously, Walt Disney World welcomes people of all ages and caters for every single age group. Lee (my hubby) and I visited Disney World in 2018 as two adults in their 30s and it really is a wonderful experience to have when you don’t have any ties to children.

Why? Because we could do whatever we wanted, whenever we wanted.

Cinderella’s castle lit up at night with a variety of Disney characters

First of all, Florida is hot! We went in August so it was reaching 40+ most days. This meant that those people who had children would most likely take them back to their hotels for a dip in the pool or a cheeky snooze. This was great for those without children who could then take advantage of shorter queues.

Secondly, if you stay at the Disney hotels (which I’m listing below), you will be entitled to enjoy the extra magic hours at the Walt Disney World parks. These are the hours before and after the parks close (you need to check as they are available for different parks each day. For example, Magic Kingdom one day but Animal Kingdom the next) and one of my top tips is to take advantage of these. It’s too late for most children and not all visitors stay as Disney hotels so the parks are exceptionally quiet and, therefore, the queues are extremely short.

Top Tip: Utilise the Disney Magic Hours to access popular rides, such as the Avatar Flight of Passage attraction at Animal Kingdom, and cut those queuing times in half.

There are so many rides at Walt Disney World that are more suited to adults than children. You may be thinking that the Mad Hatter’s teacups are all that this place has to offer, but that’s simply just not true. There are so many rollercoasters, log flumes and, nowadays, 3D/4D experiences that will just blow your mind.

What is the best resort at Disney World?

Although all of the Walt Disney World resorts are considered amazing, whether they are the resorts done on a budget or the ones where you can splurge, there is hands down one resort that just exceeds the rest. It’s the most phenomenal experience and, although it’s not necessarily aimed at adults only, it’s a large enough resort to have a holiday where you are away from children.

Below is the best Disney resort for adults and children alike.

Disney’s Animal Kingdom Lodge

This is just one of those places that should be on the bucket list. Who wouldn’t want to wake up and watch giraffes munching on trees from their balcony? This resort gives safari a whole new meaning as you can admire wild animals in their Savannah habitat from the comfort of your own room.

It really is what dreams are made of at this resort and an experience that you will treasure forever.

The Walt Disney World resort boasts four pools and an array of dining experiences. Boma – Flavours of Africa is a restaurant designated towards families so if you’re hoping for a quiet meal, there are other restaurants to choose from.

Source: Walt Disney World

The rooms at Disney’s Animal Kingdom Lodge are all safari-themed and range in size. If you’re after a more Disney character-themed resort, this may not necessarily be the resort for you but you will certainly be able to revel in some The Lion King inspired fun here.

Location: Disney’s Animal Kingdom Lodge is a stone’s throw away from Walt Disney World’s Animal Kingdom.

Price: £££££

Loulabella’s Disney Rating
Adult Suitability

Does Disney have adults only resorts?

I completely get this if you are searching for somewhere to stay where there are no children. Obviously, children are expected within the theme parks, but maybe you want somewhere that offers something a little more quiet and a little less over-stimulating. You may be searching for an adults-only resort because you want a break from your own children, or maybe you’re a teacher who deals with children every day and a little bit of quiet is necessary. Whatever your reason, there’s no judgment here and that’s why I’m hoping to help you find the best Disney resort for adults.

However, as mentioned previously, ultimately, Walt Disney World is designed for children so there does not appear to be a resort that is exclusively for adults.

What is the best Disney resort for adults?

Below, you will find a selection of resorts that are most suited to adults. The list is compiled with adults in mind, rather than children and some may even be considered the best Disney resort for singles too.

Disney’s Grand Floridian Resort & Spa

The name of this resort alone is probably enough to deter families from staying here. How many children do you know who would wish to visit a spa when they’d rather be at the theme park?

Source: Walt Disney World

It’s a much quieter resort than the others and offers a peaceful, tranquil experience that can be enhanced with a refreshing dip in one of the two pools or enjoy a dining experience at one of the many restaurants and bars.

There are still a variety of activities for children, such as movies under the stars and campfire fun, but this resort is certainly more suited to an older clientele.

The bedrooms at the Grand Floridian Resort & Spa offer a simple and classic, yet lavish, decor and you’re very unlikely to find Toy Story’s Woody adorning the wallpaper. This could possibly be the best Disney resort for adults.

Source: Walt Disney World

Amenities: two pools, poolside cabanas, spa, boat rentals, fishing, speciality cruises, basketball courts, health club, arcade, electrical water pageant

Location: Close to Walt Disney World’s Magic Kingdom, you can even watch the firework display each night from your very own resort.

Price: £££££

Loulabella’s Disney Rating
Adult Suitability

Disney’s Port Orleans Resort – Riverside and French Quater

This resort is one that can be tailored to how much Disney you want. If you’re an adult who loves Disney and wants to revel in all things Disney-inspired, this resort is for you. If you’re an adult who wishes to mostly experience Disney at the parks but don’t want it rammed down your throat, this resort is for you.

Source: Walt Disney World

Disney’s Port Orleans resort is one that has a romantic feel about it and is, therefore, a great place for the most adults-only experience that Walt Disney World can muster. There are two parts to this resort which are both separate hotels but can be accessed via a short journey down the Mississippi-esque riverboat.

Although available to families, this resort is certainly a hit with those wanting a break from the giddiness of children and acts like more of a secluded retreat for adults. The surroundings are so picturesque, evening walks are recommended and it’s even dog-friendly too.

All dining experiences are suitable for adults wanting a quiet meal with five separate facilities to cater to your dietary wishes.

For those wanting more of a Disney experience, there are Royal bedrooms available which ooze that Louisiana feel of The Princess and the Frog. However, for those wanting something more simplistic, classic rooms are also available.

Source: Walt Disney World

Amenities: variety of pools, horse drawn carriage excursions, bike rentals, fishing, jogging trails

Location: Within the Disney Springs Resort Area with water taxis available for river cruises to other locations.

Price: ££££

Loulabella’s Disney Rating
Adult Suitability

Disney’s Wilderness Lodge

If you have dreams of visiting Animal Kingdom Lodge but just can’t afford the price (because even though it’s worth the money, it will indeed break the bank for most of us!) then this is certainly an alternative.

Source: Walt Disney World

There may not be wild animals roaming around outside your window, but this resort transports you to the National Parks of North America. You are placed amongst the wilderness as you are surrounded by forest wildlife, log cabins and lodges, as well as the resort’s very own geyser reminiscent of Yellowstone‘s Old Faithful.

This resort may have more families visiting compared to the two previously mentioned as it has more facilities and visuals suited to younger generations, including exciting pools and a character dining experience (Snow White at Storybook Dining). However, don’t let this deter you if you are of an older generation as the resort is huge and there is a quieter pool available, if that’s what you’d prefer.

The bedrooms are a little more colourful than those available at Port Orleans and Grand Floridian as there is a Native American theme available. However, for a cheaper price, there are more classic rooms available also. It all depends on your budget and your preference.

Source: Walt Disney World

Amenities: Two pools, four restaurants, bar, bicycle rental, fishing, fitness centre with sauna, jogging trails, arcade, movies under the stars, campfire activities

Location: Situated across the lake from Magic Kingdom.

Price: £££

Loulabella’s Disney Rating
Adult Suitability

Disney’s Riviera Resort

This resort screams sophistication and, aesthetically, appeals to adults more so than children. This is certainly a hotel most suited towards

The Riviera resort offers a variety of accommodation styles, including standard bedrooms, self-catering studios and secluded villas. This should help with tailoring your Disney vacation to your own desires.

Source: Walt Disney World

Like many of the resorts mentioned, Disney’s Riviera Resort offers more than one pool which allows adults to choose a quieter poolside if they so wish.

Although four dining experiences are available, the menus are suited more towards a sophisticated palette. The aesthetics of the resort, including the bedrooms, are also far more subdued compared to others that are peppered with Disney decor.

Source: Walt Disney World

Amenities: two pools, four eateries, fitness centre

Location: Situated in the quieter part of Walt Disney World, the Riviera Resort is close to Epcot and a short drive away from Disney’s Typhoon Lagoon water park.

Price: £££+

Loulabella’s Disney Rating
Adult Suitability

Disney’s Caribbean Beach Resort

This is one of the most vibrant resorts that Disney has to offer as it captures to rich colours of five Caribbean islands: Barbados, Jamaica, Martinique, Trinidad and Aruba.

Source: Walt Disney World

The resort is absolutely stunning as it garners a calypso theme that will have you tapping your feet to the rhythm of the beat. The restaurants provided at this resort have a tropical theme with Sebastian’s Bistro being inspired by the wonderful crab himself.

With a faster pace than other hotels in this list, the resort is suitable for those who enjoy the hustle and bustle with a Disney twist. There are several pools available for adults to gauge their interaction with families and children but quieter pools are available for those lazy days you wish to sandwich between trips to the Disney parks.

Unlike the previously mentioned resorts, Disney’s Caribbean Beach Resort offers jazzier bedroom facilities that can even be upgraded to a pirate-theme. If you wish to channel your inner-child (as well as your inner- Captain Jack Sparrow) without overdoing it on the Disney theme, this hotel is certainly for you.

Two pirate ship beds within a pirate-themed bedroom.
Source: Walt Disney World

Thing to do: various pools, fishing, volleyball, jogging trails

Location: In close proximity to both Epcot and Hollywood Studios

Price: £££

Loulabella’s Disney Rating
Adult Suitability

What are the worst Disney resorts for adults?

Although the following hotels are indeed suitable for adults, they are deemed the ‘worst’ due to them being more geared towards children. If you’re not necessarily looking for resorts that are filled to the brim with Disney themes, these resorts are not for you and I’d suggest that you avoid them when booking.

However, if you are an adult who absolutely adores Disney and wants to capture the magic of Mickey, Minnie, Woody, Buzz etc, then these are well worth a visit and can also be done on a budget.

Disney’s Pop Century

Although this resort has something for everyone, it’s a little more lively compared to the more tranquil resorts mentioned above. It’s a vibrant hotel with lots of fun to offer which makes it great for families.

Roger Rabbit sitting on a barrel outside Disney's Pop Century resort
Source: Walt Disney World

However, if you’re after some ’50s-’90s nostalgia which the youngsters just would not appreciate, such as yo-yos, rollerblades and Rubik’s cubes, this resort is definitely for you. It’s not exactly brimming with Disney but be sure to see a few characters around the resort.

The three pools available are a little busier than other hotels as they are all nostalgia-themed with water-jets to entertain those who occupy it. So, if you were to book this resort, expect lots of splashing around.

When it comes to dining at Disney’s Pop Century, think more along the lines of ‘grab-and-go’ rather than sitting down and enjoying a nice, relaxing, maybe even romantic, meal. However, the Petals Pool Bar has a variety of adult drinks available to help you unwind during your stay at Disney.

Although the hotel itself is vibrant with colour, the bedrooms are a little more neutral with just a few pops of colour here and there. This is great for those who like a little bit of Disney magic but don’t necessarily want it taking over their entire vacation.

Source: Walt Disney World

Things to do: three pools, bar, jogging trail, arcade

Location: Close to ESPN World and Hollywood Studios

Price: ££

Loulabella’s Disney Rating
Adult Suitability

Disney’s Art of Animation Resort

If you’re searching for the best Disney resort for adults that is quiet and classic, I’d say that this one is probably not for you. If you are seeking something that is not considered “childish”, then this one is definitely not for you.

Source: Walt Disney World

This resort is the epitome of what you’d expect from a Disney hotel. It brings the magic of Disney to life with classic characters from movies adorning every inch of the resort. Seriously, wherever you turn, you will see something from movies such as Finding Nemo, The Little Mermaid and The Lion King. It’s an absolute hit for families who want to immerse themselves and their families in the Disney magic.

There is one main restaurant for dining and there is also a bar available. If you are searching for a resort within finer cuisine, I’d certainly recommend one of the hotels from the previous list.

As this resort is recognised for its artistry, even the three pools are bursting full of life and colour. They have certainly been designed for children and families in mind, so I wouldn’t recommend this as a Disney vacation for adults. Similarly, the bedrooms range from a The Little Mermaid theme to a Finding Nemo theme.

Source: Walt Disney World

Things to do: three pools, bar, jogging trails

Location: Close to ESPN World and Hollywood Studios

Price: £££

Loulabella’s Disney Rating
Adult Suitability

Disney’s All-Star Resorts

This resort consists of three themed hotels: Movies, Music and Sports. They are also considered to be the resorts chosen when “doing Disney on a budget”. However, don’t let that deter you as Disney’s three-star standard is most people’s four- or five-star standard.

Giant Pongo and Perdita from 101 Dalmations within the resort
Source: Walt Disney World

Similarly to the Art of Animation Resort, these hotels ooze the Disney culture. There are Disney characters in almost every direction you turn so if this is not what you are searching for when looking for the best Disney resort for adults, then I wouldn’t recommend staying here. These hotels are designed to draw in families and children.

Each hotel has a theme (as you can tell by their names) and the beauty of staying at these hotels is that you can visit all of the All-Star Resorts during your Disney vacation.

As you’re not paying what you would for one of the deluxe resorts, the dining is limited in all three hotels. There are food courts available with a variety of cuisines but they are all of the “grab and go” feel. Perfect for children/families!

The rooms are similar to those at Disney’s Pop Century with a pop of Disney adoring the walls. On the whole they are relatively basic but you’re much more inclined to find some hidden Mickeys amongst the decor here.

A bedroom at All Star Movie Resort - is this the best Disney resort for adults?
Source: Walt Disney World

Things to do: various pools across all three resorts, jogging trail, arcade

Location: Close to Blizzard Beach Water Park

Price: ££

Loulabella’s Disney Rating

Is a Disney cruise worth it for adults?

Absolutely, yes! Of course there will be hints of Disney magic as you cruise from one place to the next on this Disney cruise liner but the beauty of a cruise for adults is that you can have a break from this if you need to. As per any cruise, you will have the opportunity to explore different countries. The only difference is that you’re more likely to walk past Mickey and Minnie as you’re on your way to have breakfast.

Minnie Mouse wearing a red jacket and captain's hat.  She is saluting.
Source: Walt Disney World

If you’re really not a Disney fan, then this really isn’t for you and I would recommend booking with another cruise liner. Especially as a Disney cruise is not cheap!

However, if you are craving a little Disney magic with your cruise, this is a great way to have an extraordinary Disney adventure that is not overrun with children. Many families would rather opt for a trip to Walt Disney World so a Disney cruise is more appealing to like-minded adults.

Click here to explore the various Disney cruises available.

What is the appeal of Disney to adults?

Honestly? I believe it’s the sense of escapism to a land that is just warm, exciting and fun. Walt Disney created the world of Disney for both children and adults as he wanted them to live in a world of magic where dreams come true. And the magic just keeps on growing.

I really hope that this has helped you find the best Disney resort for adults. Wherever you end up staying during your Disney vacation, I hope you have the most wonderfully magic time!

My husband and I looking at each other, smiling, as we hold a floating lamp from Tangled in the dark with other floating lamps behind us
Me and Lee at Rapunzel’s tower in Magic Kingdom during the Magic Hours

And if you wish to add an extra sprinkle of Disney magic to your vacation, check out this list of Easter Eggs that are dotted around the park.

Loulabella xoxo

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