Virtual Hen Party

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Wow!  I have some amazing friends and family in my life.

Yesterday, I was set to jet off to Tenerife for my hen party (dubbed Henerife by my hens) but the Corona Virus had other ideas so we were unable to go (as I’m sure you’re all aware and understand!).

So, last night, my hens set up a virtual hen party for me that took place on Zoom.  It was flipping amazing and so unexpected!

I’d spent the morning grumbling to the H2B because I hadn’t heard from anyone about it being my original hen do date.  Then, in the afternoon, three of my bridesmaids turned up for a social distanced get together which was absolutely lovely. I had a couple of drinks and it really lifted my flat mood.  I even got a little emosh!

I thought that was it and I was contented with how the date had been acknowledged but then the zoom get-together happened and I was able to see my other hens too.  It was just so lovely and such a surprise.

My incredible MOH (who I’ve known for 20 years!!) had delivered a bag of tricks to my H2B which he presented me with once he gave me the laptop.  This bag was then used throughout the evening as my hens set up games including Personal Bingo, a scavenger hunt and Mr & Mrs.  I ended up having an entire bottle of Apple Sourz to myself (good grief!) and finished the Zoom Virtual Hen Party at midnight.  It was just so wonderfully creative and I was genuinely touched by the gesture from everyone during such a rubbish time when so many plans are being postponed/cancelled.

Have you had something similar happen?  Perhaps a nice surprise from friends or even your own virtual hen party?  I’d love to know about them!

Loulabella xoxo

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