The Best Nappy Bin for your Nursery: Super 7

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Let’s do it! Let’s talk about the best nappy bins!

Is it worth buying a nappy bin?

We’ve all been there asking the same question as new parents. There are so many things that we buy that are absolute game changers and then there are other things that you really wish you’d not bothered with.

I have to say, the nappy dispenser is the former! It’s been an absolute life saver in terms of saving time and keeping the nursery tidy. No one wants those poopy nappies building up in a normal bin.

So, yes, I would certainly say it’s worth buying a nappy bin. Just don’t forget to empty it regularly!

Do you need a special nappy bin?

Hmm, it depends what you’re after here. The blunt answer is no. If you’re happy to just dispose of the nappies in a normal waste bin, then do that. A nappy bin is certainly more of a luxury item so don’t feel like it’s something of a necessity.

Hopefully the review of the AngelCare Nappy Bin below will help you to make that choice of whether it’s something you want or need. There will also be a link to other nappy bins available on the market that do the same job.

Which nappy bin should I choose?

You pretty much will want to go for one that is compact, easy to use and eliminates odours!

There are so many out there to choose from, ranging from the cheap and cheerful to the fun and fancy.

However, at the end of the day, all of them do the exact same thing… store stinky nappies until you’re ready to dispose of them in the big bin outside.

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How do nappy bins work?

So, the AngelCare Nappy Disposable Bin is very easy to use once you’ve set it up. Even then, the assembly of it is pretty straight forward.

There’s a spring-back lever underneath the cap at the top of the nappy bin where you push the soiled nappy through. You need to have clipped in the blue nappy bin liner ring to make sure the nappies collect within the bag.

When you put the blue bin liner in, make sure that you tie a knot at the bottom to secure those nappies. The last thing you need is the nappies just free-falling into the bin and then being left with a bigger mess than you started with when you come to emptying it!

When you’re ready to dispose of the collection of nappies, use the handy slicer inside the bin to cut the top of the bin liner and then tie another knot that end too. It’s good to go in your refuse bin then.

After you’ve done that, make a new knot ready for the next lot of nappies.

You can purchase the AngelCare Nappy Bin from Amazon.

Which is the best nappy bin?

Below are a few nappy bins that are available, with a brief description about what you’re getting for your money. To learn more about each nappy dispenser, click on its name which will take you directly to its Amazon link.

Whitefruze Plastic Bucket (14L)

As mentioned previously, nappy bins range from the cheap and cheerful to the fun and fancy – this is certainly one of the cheaper products out there but it does exactly what it says on the tin.

Does it store dirty nappies? Yes. Does it keep odours secure? Yes.

It’s also quite handy as, with its handle, it’s small and portable.

The only drawback, really, is that the lid is a bit of a pain. If you pay more, you tend to get an easier method of disposing of the nappies. With this bin, you would need both hands to open and securely close the lid. Not a major issue and certainly a first world problem!

Loulabella Rating

AngelCare Nappy Disposal System

The AngelCare Nappy Bin is so easy to use and does exactly what you want it to do, making it one of the best nappy bins available. It has a springback lever where you insert the nappy and the click lid doubly ensures those odours are sealed away.

The refill cassettes are easy to insert and there is a blade (safely hidden) inside the bin which allows you to chop the top of the bin liner when you’re ready to dispose of the collection of nappies.

Being plastic, it’s easy to clean and, teamed with the springback lever, it keeps germs at bay and maintains hygiene.

From experience, the bin liners last a while and, similarly to the TommeeTippee bins, you can subscribe via Amazon to have the nappy bin refills delivered as often as needed.

Loulabella Rating

TommeeTippee Twist and Click Advance Nappy Bin

TommeeTippee are a well known, reputable brand so their products are always carefully constructed with parents in mind and how to make their lives easier.

The Twist and Click nappy bin is a little more within the average price range bracket so it’s more advanced than a nappy bucket with the twist and click lid making it easier to dispose of those dirty nappies. It’s really handy for parents on the go and it comes in a variety of colours so you can choose which one is most suitable for your nursery.

The twist of the bag means that odours are kept to a minimum but you’d need to make sure you continue to purchase the nappy bin refills in order for it to do its job properly.

Loulabella Rating

Navaris Nappy Bin

This bin has a handy one-touch lid that pops open when touched. Handy for parents carrying little one.

One thing that is great about this product is that it has a child-lock. When your little ones are growing and their curious hands are into everything, the last thing you want them investigating is the nappy disposal bin!

There is a rubber seal too to keep those odours contained and, another thing I like about this product, it’s got a tray to place an air freshener to really mask those unwanted smells.

The drawback with this product is that there are some concerns with the bin liners. Unlike the top brands, the bin liners are difficult to come by and they don’t tend to last very long. The last thing you need is being caught short when you’re faced with a nappy explosion.


Ubbi Steel Nappy Disposal Bin

This nappy bin is proving to be quite the hit with parents, even winning awards for its functionality.

Unlike the AngelCare and TommeeTippee bins, the Ubbi does not require any nappy bin refills which means there are no additional costs. It’s also a great feature for those wanting to be a little more eco-friendly.

As the product is made of steel, it does an even better job of eliminating odours compared to the plastic products.

Similarly to the Navaris, there is a childproof lock that keeps wandering hands out of the mess.

The price tag is a little steeper than other products but what you’re spending now, you’re saving in the long run as you don’t need to purchase nappy bag refills.

Loulabella Rating

TrioCare Diaper Pail

OK, this one is definitely at the higher end of the budget but it’s a bit more of a gadget. Similarly to the Navaris, this product offers an air freshener compartment which keeps those odours at bay. Those odours are already securely trapped with the product’s double sealing technology.

The lid is a magnetic door that is easy to access, making it suitable for parents on the go and the original bin comes equipped with nine bin liners to start you off. You’ll be pleased to know that the bin liners are also biodegradable and eco-friendly.

The bin is large with 4.2 gallons available; however, this might result in people leaving nappies in there for longer than with other nappy bins and the final load might not be pleasant to deal with. However, if you’ve got a few children in nappies, this might be perfect for larger families disposing of a lot of nappies.

Loulabella Rating

DUTUI Baby Diaper Trash Can

Right, here we are with one of the most expensive nappy bins on the market. Considering the price is over £300, I was genuinely expecting this nappy bin to change the baby’s nappy for parents as well. However, that’s not the case.

The product boasts that it does not require specific bin liners, which is great in the long run as you can use just regular bin liners, ensuring that they fit the size of the bin.

This product is a gadget! It’s fancier than the basic nappy bins as it has features that are handy for busy parents. The barrel where the dirty nappies are inserted turns 180 degrees which means odours are well and truly locked in.

Loulabella Rating

Nappy Bin Refills

I’ve actually set myself up with a three-monthly subscription to the AngelCare Nappy Bin Refills.

It takes out the stress of being greeted by an empty bin when you’ve had an explosion!

Make sure that you do get the refills suitable for your nappy bin. We accidentally purchased the Tommee Tippee Nappy Bin Refills and they didn’t fit our AngelCare Nappy Bin.

Are nappy bins essential?

It really does come down to choice. Lee and I primarily bought one as we were excited about being new parents and wanted another gadget for the nursery.

However, I would certainly recommend the AngelCare nappy bin to anyone as it’s such a handy contraption, especially in the middle of the night, and the fact that it is smell-proof is a real bonus.

Happy hunting for your own nappy bin for your baby’s nursery. I hope this post has helped you make a decision.

Loulabella xoxo

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  1. I have the Ubbi diaper bin and it is perfect. We are over two years with it and I have no complaints. The steel is great and really locks odors in (although it does stink when you open it!). I put it on the baby registry because the cost was more than I wanted to pay, but now having owned it I can completely see it is worth the investment. I frequently see this one at doctor’s offices too!

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