The Best Disney Villain Quotes of All Time

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Check out this list of the best Disney villain quotes that range from the sassy to the sarcastic to the just plain sinister!

Scar – The Lion King

This classic antagonist graced us with so many memorable Disney villain quotes that he gets more than just one in this list. He really was a sassy cat!

Providing some of the best Disney villain quotes, Scar - the evil lion with a black mane and scar across his eye emerges from green smoke
Be Prepared like this classic Disney Villain
Source: Disney News

I’m surrounded by idiots!

He wasn’t lying but it’s pretty savage to say this in earshot of Shenzi, Banzai and Ed.

Ooh! I quiver with fear!

Why was he just so sassy?! I love it!

Well, I was first in line till the little hairball was born!

Never one to shy away from his annoyance about not being the heir to the throne…or pride rock, in this case.

Cruella De Vil – 101 Dalmations

If she doesn’t scare you… her Disney villain quotes will! Gulp!

If she doesn’t scare you, no evil thing will!
Source: DisneyWiki Fandom

Anita, Don’t be ridiculous. You can’t possibly afford to keep them. You can scarcely afford to feed yourselves.

I mean, c’mon, there’s telling someone that the puppies are too expensive… and then there’s Cruella dropping in a dig about money issues as a whole for Anita and Roger.

Sweet, simple Anita! I know, I know! This horrid little house is your dream castle! And poor Roger is your bold and fearless Sir Galahad!

Granted, I don’t have a clue who Sir Galahad is but it sounds like Cruella is delivering a harsh low blow to Roger.

Congratulations. You’ve just won Gold, Silver and Bronze in the Morons Olympics!

Horace and Jasper probably could win those medals but, unlike the Queen of Cruel, I wouldn’t tell them that!

Madame Medusa – The Rescuers

Often forgotten, Madame Medusa was one of the scariest of the Disney villains as she certainly provided some of the best Disney villain quotes that made us kids tremble to our core.

Source: Disney Plus

That little brat has escaped again! Nero, Brutus, bring her back, Boys.

Poor Penny was anything but a brat, and she certainly didn’t deserve Nero and Brutus, the cranky crocodiles, dragging her back to Madame Medusa by her knickers.

Why did you let her escape? What is your alibi this time, Nitwit?

Snooooops!! He certainly got called many names by the woman he loved, such as idiot and being told her was too soft.

Hades – Hercules

Hades delivers his lines with so much sass and sarcasm, it’s quite difficult to consider him a Disney villain but here he is with some of his best lines making the list of Disney villain quotes.

No match for Wonder Boy!
Hades provided some of the sassiest Disney villain quotes.
Source: IMDb

How sentimental. You know, I haven’t been this choked up since I got a hunk of moussaka caught in my throat!

I love that he refers back to his Greek roots with the reference to moussaka.

Memo to me, memo to me: maim you after my meeting.

So, Hades wakes most mornings feeling aggy and choosing violence.

Prince John – Robin Hood

Oo-de-lally! It wouldn’t be right to exclude the grumpy brother of King Richard the Lionheart in this list of Disney villain quotes. He may not necessarily be as sassy as other Disney villains but he is legendary in his own right.

Mommy’s Boy!
Source: Disney Wiki Fandom

I sentence you to sudden, instant, and even immediate death!

Don’t beat around the bush, Johnny Boy! We get it… you want Robin Hood dead.

Ahh! Mommy! Mmm-mmm-mmm!

One of the best things Walt Disney did to this historically vicious Prince was turn him into a snivelling Mommy’s boy who sucks his thumb. This has got to go down as one of the best Disney villain quotes, purely for its comedic value.

Gaston – Beauty and the Beast

Gaston’s biggest toxic trait was his vanity. He wasn’t necessarily evil (yes, I know he wanted to kill the Beast but he had his reasons) but he definitely deserves to be in the list of the best Disney villain quotes.

When I was young, I ate five dozen eggs…

And do you know who that little wife will be? You, Belle!

I love Gaston’s arrogance when he just turns up at Belle’s door, expecting her to marry him there and then. He hasn’t taken any of her hints of not being interested and he’s such a misogynist that the thought of Belle not wanting to marry him is just audacious.

Were you in love with her, Beast? Did you honestly think she’d want you, when she had someone like me?

Here he is again with his pure arrogance. After telling him point blank that she doesn’t want to marry him and then even showing that she cares for the beast, Gaston still cannot take the hint. Classic!

I’m especially good at expectorating!


Ursula – The Little Mermaid

Ooh, you’ve got to love this vicious sea witch! She really is a meanie.

Ursula knows how to use… body language!
Source: CinemaBlend

Come in, my child. We mustn’t lurk in doorways. It’s rude. One might question your upbringing.

This is one of the most underrated Disney villain quotes as she is clearly having a dig at King Triton. There is definitely some historical beef between these two!

I admit that in the past, I’ve been nasty.

Not just the past, though, eh, Ursula?

Jafar – Aladdin

Similarly to Gaston, Jafar certainly had some vanity issues. He was so sure of himself, thinking him and his little crooked moustache would win the heart of beautiful Princess Jasmine.

The stud himself! Phwoarr!
Source: Disney Wiki Fandom

I will make sure no one will ever say these words again! Genie, for my final wish, I wish to become the most powerful being in the universe! More powerful than you!

Ahh, that superiority complex cumulated in wanting to be more powerful than the lovely Genie.

Professor Ratigan – Basil the Great Mouse Detective

Another of the underrated Disney villains, Ratigan (voiced by the legendary Vincent Price) was all kinds of evil.

You don’t know what a delightful dilemma it was, trying to decide on the most appropriate method for your demise. I had so many ingenious ideas I didn’t know which to choose, so I decided to use them all.

Of course he did! He was never going to just use one. That would be pointless. Professor Ratigan, living up to his name, had to use all methods to try and kill Basil.

Maleficent – Sleeping Beauty

Ooh, I’ll never forget the spine tingles Maleficent caused when I was younger. She was indeed the epitome of all evil. Even her pet crow was named Diablo!

Well, Well!
Source: Wikipedia

You poor, simple fools, thinking you could defeat me… ME! The mistress of all evil!

See, spine tingles! Let’s not forget that she wanted a baby killed, all because she wasn’t invited to their birthday party. Talk about self-importance!

What are your favourite Disney villain quotes?

I would love to hear some of your favourites. Feel free to share them in the comments section below.

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