Day 4: My Favourite Disney Princess (31 Day Disney Challenge)

There are so many wonderful Disney princesses and I love that they are becoming feistier and funnier as Disney portrays women who girls and women can actually relate to. Now, don’t get me wrong, I absolutely adore Snow White and Aurora but they were very meek and mild, nothing like Tiana and Rapunzel of more […]

16 Disney World secrets to add extra magic to your vacation

I know a trip to Disney World has seemed like an unreachable goal due to COVID-19 but now we’re finally able to get there, these Disney World secrets will help to make your vacation more magical than ever. Unbelievable Disney World Secrets Uncovered After dreaming of Magic Kingdom and all its wonder, I have decided […]

Day 3: My favourite character (Disney Challenge)

When it comes to Disney, this is a toughie. There are so many characters who I absolutely adore and are so worthy of being a firm favourite: Jiminy Cricket, Sebastian, Lumiere, Mufasa, Gus… I could go on! I’m going to narrow it down to who I think I am most happy to have been introduced […]

Day 2: My favourite song (Disney Challenge)

Although Beauty and the Beast is my ultimate favourite Disney movie, it doesn’t actually have my favourite song in its repertoire. My favourite song comes from The Lion King and is one that I absolutely love singing along to at the top of my voice no matter where I am. (Sorry fellow shoppers in ‘Primark’ […]