The Top 5 Saddest Disney Moments

Most of the time, we get that warm, fuzzy feeling from watching a Disney movie but there are some moments that really tug at our heart strings. Here is my list of the top five saddest Disney moments (in descending order) – be warned though, there are some spoilers here: 5. Triton lets Ariel go […]

Top 10 Disney Songs

What’s a Disney movie without a catchy, toe-tapping song that gets stuck in your head for days and days? Everyone has a favourite, whether you’re an avid Disney fan or a Disney dabbler. Here’s a list of my top ten Disney songs: 1. I Just Can’t Wait to be King – The Lion KingIt’s possibly […]

Day 6: My Favourite Heroine (31 Day Disney Challenge)

Without a shadow of a doubt, my favourite heroine is Pocahontas. I loved her independence in a world that was ruled by men. I was also impressed how she could run barefoot throughout the forest without stones stabbing her soles and then swan dive off a ginormous cliff into the river. Additionally, she fell in […]

Day 5: My Favourite Prince (31 Day Disney Challenge)

Disney princesses and Disney villains are often recognised as being the legends of the Disney franchise with the princes not really getting a look in. This is probably due to the fact that there aren’t many Disney princes who stand out as legends or heroes – they just don’t seem to have that powerful presence […]

5 Forgotten Disney Movies

Everyone loves a Disney movie. Whether you’re a Disney fan or not, there’s at least one movie that you will have enjoyed that has been created by the great Walt Disney and his company. However, there are some movies that are really obscure or far more lesser known than the likes of The Lion King, […]

7 Simple Ways to Enhance Your Disney Vacation

This might be your first visit to Disney World or you may be such an experienced visitor that you’re now classed as a hidden Mickey; whatever your status, here are some five “must-dos” to help your Disney experience be even more magical than it’s already going to be. 1. Download My Disney ExperienceThis is an […]