What is the best British comedy TV show of all time?

Nothing beats a sardonic British comedy TV show. Right? Us Brits love revelling in characters’ awkwardness and sarcasm. Below is a list of my top British comedy TV shows that are a must-watch, especially with the bingeing opportunity that the national lockdown brings. I’m Alan PartridgeSteve Coogan’s Alan Partridge is perhaps my favourite comedy character […]

Wedding Dress Shopping: A Magical Experience?

Wedding dress shopping should be a fun and exciting experience, right? I have to say, when I went shopping for my own wedding dress in 2019, I was very apprehensive. I had no clue of what style I wanted and I thought the bridal consultants would get really annoyed with me or I would not […]

Self-Care Sundays: Take care of you!

It’s taken me a while to truly understand what “well-being” means and, if I’m completely honest, I still don’t think I’m 100% sure as someone always seems to suggest something different. I always thought that well-being was about doing yoga and drinking green tea but, now, I realise that, actually, it’s a lot more than […]

A Realistic Start to Running

Last week, a friend advised me to write about my experience with the Couch to 5k app as she has had some popular posts on Instagram to do with her running successes but, as I’m in no way, shape or form an experienced runner, I didn’t really feel comfortable promoting fitness when there are so […]

The Top 5 Saddest Disney Moments

Most of the time, we get that warm, fuzzy feeling from watching a Disney movie but there are some moments that really tug at our heart strings. Here is my list of the top five saddest Disney moments (in descending order) – be warned though, there are some spoilers here: 5. Triton lets Ariel go […]