Is my baby seeing ghosts?

Two sheets that look like ghosts

OK, so this is a bit of a spooky post and I feel like I’m looking over my shoulder just writing it. Is my baby seeing ghosts? There seems to be a general consensus that children are more in-tune with the spiritual plane than adults. This is all fine and dandy till you hear your […]

6 Difficult truths about postpartum sleep deprivation: An honest recount

Sleep deprivation with a newborn

As a first time mom, nothing could have prepared me for the affects of postpartum sleep deprivation. And the phrase “no wonder it’s used a method of torture” has suddenly become the truest sentence ever uttered. Having a newborn baby certainly took some getting used to but it’s weird how you do quickly adapt. Arthur […]

Giving Birth: Welcome to the world little one!

Giving Birth: Welcome to the world little one!

On Monday 23rd May 2022, my husband and I welcomed our beautiful little bundle into the world after giving birth in our own special way! Surprise! When I fell pregnant, we decided not to find out the gender as we were both intent on having a surprise. However, several old wives’ tales led us to […]

Left Side Sleeping… but I can’t!

When I became pregnant, one of the first things I read was that I need to sleep on my left side as this is better for my baby and for my organs. Do you find it easy to sleep on left side when pregnant? In my world, this is far easier said than done! Polyp […]