Self-Care Sundays: Take care of you!

It’s taken me a while to truly understand what “well-being” means and, if I’m completely honest, I still don’t think I’m 100% sure as someone always seems to suggest something different. I always thought that well-being was about doing yoga and drinking green tea but, now, I realise that, actually, it’s a lot more than […]

Tell-Tale Signs You’re Over 30

Do you ever look at young 20-somethings with resentment due to their youthfulness?Do you refer to your teens as “the good old days” even though your first phone was a Nokia 3310 and straighteners hadn’t even been invented (but crimpers had!)?Have you forgotten what it was like to be young and carefree and now your […]

Finding Flawless Skin

I’ve always known that it’s important to cleanse and tone my skin, especially when I wear my make-up from 7am to the time I go to bed and, now that I’m in my thirties, I’m really starting to notice that my skin is in desperate need of some TLC. I remember the first time I […]

Fraudulent Fiends – Barclays

There are so many warnings out there about fraudsters trying to get your details – you’ve seen the adverts, you’ve seen the Facebook shares, you’ve even had the texts. These are all well and good but they really don’t prepare you enough for truly knowing when you’re being scammed… and this is absolutely no-one’s fault […]