Surprise Surprise!

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Well, I’m not quite Cilla but I certainly had a good go at providing my parents with a surprise.

This year, in July, it’s their 40th Wedding Anniversary (Ruby) so my brothers and I planned them a surprise party which took place last night.

We kept it quiet for months – which proved very difficult as I’m a useless liar so any time I had to try and steer them off track I could not look them in the eye.  However, we all managed to do it and the party was a success.

This was their cake!  It’s from ‘Make A Wish’ in Birmingham; we always use them for our cakes as the lady who owns the shop is so talented and really listens to your requests, asking for the tiniest details as well so that the cakes are spot on!


The ruse?  My younger brother, Chris, is in a band so he invited them to a gig.   My older brother and his girlfriend confirmed that they were going, but to keep in character I told RSVP’ed saying that I could not go as I’d be out up town, celebrating my birthday.  As a bit of a party animal, this seemed far more believable.

On Thursday, my brother and his girlfriend thought that my Mom had cottoned on.  They felt 80% sure that she knew; however, when I popped in to see the ‘rents yesterday morning, I knew that they still did not have a clue.

And I think their faces in this picture says it all…


You’ve probably guessed but all the guests congregated in the middle of the room and shouted surprise when they entered.

So, now that the stresses of organising a party are over, I can relax!  I’ve spent the whole day feeling absolutely shattered but it was worth it to see their faces when they entered the room and saw all their family and friends there to show their love.

Happy 40th Wedding Anniversary Mom and Dad!


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