Stag Do or Stag Don’t

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Well, unfortunately, due to sodding COVID-19, my poor fiancé, along with many others, I believe, has not been able to go on his stag do this weekend.

The H2B was due to fly to Prague today for, what I can only imagine as, a proper piss up. He’s currently playing FIFA and I may let him play it for the whole weekend, seeing as his plans have been scuppered.  Aren’t I nice!

I found out from my Maid of Honour that my hen do has also been postponed (23rd May – to Tenerife) so it may be that we are celebrating these events AFTER the wedding.

Seriously, if you’re a bride/groom to be in 2020, it’s certainly going to be a wedding to remember.

“Remember your wedding in 2020!  It was all back to front!”


Stay safe everyone.

Loula Belle xoxo

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