How To Find The Wonderful Snow White at Disney World

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Where Can I find Snow White at Disney World?

Snow White is the absolute OG when it comes to Disney princesses so it is essential that anyone who is visiting Walt Disney World participates in this particular meet and greet. So, where can you find Snow White at Disney World?

When I visited Disney World in 2018, my (now) husband took some convincing to go and meet the Disney characters. He deemed it childish and embarrassing (*gasp*). I know, I know, I should have planned to divorce him there and then!

However, once I’d managed to coax him into meeting the characters with me (I think it took a few bribes, including a Mickey Mouse cupcake, a slice of pizza and a candy apple – he drives a hard bargain, for sure!), it wasn’t long before we were queuing to meet Snow White at Epcot and, let me tell you, it was my favourite character experience throughout our whole Disney World vacation.

Where to see Snow White at Disney World

You would think that Snow White is found at Magic Kingdom but she is actually found at Epcot. This is one of the Disney parks that falls low on people’s list of favourites with some people actually leaving it out.

I do get it! Epcot doesn’t offer as many rides for the thrill-seekers as the other parks do, and the different countries area may feel a little boring for some, especially the little ones. However, this park is an absolute gem and definitely should not be missed off your list of places to visit!

A map of Epcot.  The entrance to the park is at the top and a blue line trails to the right of the map, down to a purple circle that is where you can find Snow White at Disney World
Follow the blue line when you enter Epcot and follow it to Germany (purple circle) to meet Snow White

Snow White can be found in Germany at Epcot, Walt Disney World. When you enter the park, you will pass Spaceship Earth which is the big golf-ball-looking-thing. Make sure you go to the left of this attraction and follow the path to the lake which is central to World Showcase. Again, once at the lake, follow the path to the left and this will take you

Meeting Snow White

I said earlier that Snow White was my favourite character to meet at Disney World. We did meet a few, including Scrooge McDuck, Buzz Lightyear and Pocahontas. We even saw cheeky Peter Pan wreaking havoc around Magic Kingdom.

But Snow White was just delightful. She was definitely the character that brought the magic of Disney to life. Not only did she look and sound just like her but she stayed in character the entire time, using delicate mannerisms as she expressed delight with her arms and asking if Lee was my Prince Charming. She even invited us to go horse-back riding with her, Prince Charming and her seven little friends.

Me and my husband standing with Snow White at Disney World - she is in the middle
Snow White at Disney World

Now, if that wasn’t enough to make us feel like we had stepped straight into the original cartoon of Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs, Snow White amped up the magic. As we were walking towards this beautiful, petite Disney princess, with awe and sparkle in my eyes, Snow White was just about to greet us but became distracted… at that moment, a lizard crossed our path and Snow White shrieked with delight; she proceeded to interacting with said lizard, referring to it as one of her little friends and asking it questions, such as “how was your morning?”

As an adult, I was blown away by how naturally it came to this character actor so I can only imagine how magical that would have been for a child.

What happened to the Snow White ride at Disney World?

Snow White’s Scary Adventure was a well-loved ride that had been present at Disney World for many decades. It closed in 2012 but, in recent years, has been replaced with the 7 Dwarfs Ride instead – the Seven Dwarfs Mine Train.

This is a very popular ride and can be found in Fantasyland at Magic Kingdom. It’s got the qualities of a classic rollercoaster, similar to Big Thunder Mountain Railroad, and is worth waiting in the queue for as there is lots to take in. There are some mystical gems that need sorting and don’t miss the barrels that can be turned to create magic on the ceiling!

Where can I find Snow White in Magic Kingdom?

Locating Snow White in other places, other than Epcot, is not impossible. There is, of course, references to the movie on the Seven Dwarfs Mine Train ride, as mentioned above, which can be found in Magic Kingdom.

You can also catch a glimpse of Snow White and her seven dwarfs during the Parade down Main Street; again, this is in Magic Kingdom and begins at 3pm. You can see a float dedicated to this classic Disney movie with the characters interacting with the crowds – be sure to get one of the celebration badges to garner more interaction from the characters too! Read more about them here, as well as other ways to enhance the magic at Disney World.

And if you want a more intimate meet and greet with the characters from Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs, you can also enjoy a Storybook dining experience. Just be aware that these dining experiences don’t come cheap though!

Best kept secret for a magical Disney World vacation?

There are thousands of things present at Walt Disney World that will make your vacation magical. Whether you’re visiting Magic Kingdom, Animal Kingdom or Epcot, you will have a wonderful time that encapsulates that Disney magic.

But, as this is Disney, there’s always some hidden magic wherever you turn!

From the delicious food to the unique merchandise, from the character experiences to the unforgettable parades, there are also the hidden Easter Eggs (not the chocolate eggs but the hidden secrets) that will truly make your Disney vacation an unforgettable one for you and your loved ones.

Check out this list of hidden Disney secrets that will make you the envy of all your friends when you share what you’ve found.

Let me know of your Snow White experience at Disney World or if there are any other character experiences you would recommend.

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