Review: MotorPoint Birmingham

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We bought a new car today! Yay!

It’s always exciting buying a new car as it’s just one big, brand new gadget to play with. It’s actually a little daunting getting behind the wheel of a new car as you have to get used to the clutch (that ruddy bite!) and the pressure required for the brake, but the new buttons on the dashboard make it fun.

Although we are in need of a new car after I came to the end of my agreement with Mini in April, we hadn’t actually planned on getting one today. However, if there’s one thing that makes me and Lee the perfect match (or a recipe for disaster!), it’s how impulsive we both are when an idea is sparked.

As we could both be back in work next week, we made the decision to go and have a look for a car today – sharing a car would just not be doable and, as much as I’ve enjoyed my bike rides recently, I think my legs would drop off if I travelled to work and back on it.

So, off we tootled to the dealership to get an idea of what sort of car we were after. Lee’s Mom recommended Motor Point, Birmingham as it’s local to us and she’s been happy with her car for the past four years.

Well, I’m so glad this particular car showroom was recommended because we just cannot rate them highly enough. We mostly liaised with Liam but Isaac also pitched in with the finance side of things – both men were just wonderful. We were at the dealership for most of the afternoon and we had such a laugh with them and we never felt rushed into agreeing to anything if we were unsure.

Liam handed us the keys of particular cars and allowed us to look around at our leisure. In the current COVID-19 climate, we also felt safe and comfortable with the arrangements in the showroom. Once we chose our car, both Liam and Isaac talked us through every step of the process, laughing and smiling along the way.

Look at that happy face! It says it all!

We were also offered complimentary drinks which were served by a lovely lady whose name I didn’t take.

The whole dealership was just a pleasure to visit and we came away feeling looked after and happy with our new car.

If anyone lives in Birmingham (or the West Midlands as a whole) and is looking for a new car, certainly visit Motor Point because they truly are a fabulous bunch.

Motorpoint Birmingham
2 Lichfield Road
B6 5SU

Loula Rating: ?????

I hope this has helped with deciding on where to go for your next car…

Loula Bella xoxo

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