Return of the Premier League

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It’s been 100 days since Leicester City put four goals past Aston Villa in the last premier league game before COVID-19 put a stop to it all.

Aston Villa are now playing Sheffield United in, what can only be described as, a bizarre set-up with no fans in the stands, added drink-breaks and social distancing where possible (but not on the pitch).

There has already been controversy in the shape of a Sheffield United goal not being given with even Villa fans saying it was a clear goal.

However, the ref might be feeling a little overwhelmed with the mounted pressure of being the first game in the “new normal” environment. Or, apparently, he’s got a dodgy watch on (that’s informed him of the goal during the half time break…)

Restarting the football season was never going to go smoothly so I think this will be the first of many hiccups.

What are your thoughts?

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