Queen of the Quads

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Before I start, I should warn you that I am referring to Quad biking… this is not a fitness post so please do not expect me to demonstrate a workout on my quads. I'm definitely not the queen of them!!

Lee and I signed ourselves up to experience Quad Safari on Friday… and what an experience it was indeed!

Although my inner calves felt like they were being tortured by a Bunsen burner, it was an exhilarating ride and so much fun.

We followed the tour guide up a mountain where we were able to admire the picturesque views of Bulgaria. It was beautiful, and certainly something you don't get to appreciate in Sunny Beach, even though that place in itself is lovely!

The only fault I can pinpoint is the lure of the term "safari". It wasn't so much a safari, I'd say it was more of a farm experience. We only saw a dead horse (?!), a dog and some goats.

But after the Godfather jokes were made, we continued to enjoy the adrenaline rush of doing something that I'd never done before (Lee had been Quad Biking several years ago).

I've been white-water rafting before which was graded 1-5 (my experience being 3) so I'm not sure whether quad biking is graded as well. If so, I'd assume it was a grade 2 – the uphill climb was quite rocky but nothing scary.

However, if you're ever visiting Bulgaria and want to do something a little different in the sun, I would certainly recommend the Quad Safari. It cost 91 lev each (118 if you want your own bike instead of riding together).

Happy quad biking!


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