Perfect Peaches

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Ahhh, Savannah, Georgia.

I did not know what to expect in Savannah as I only knew Georgia for its peaches.

However, this turned out to be a beautiful city next to the Savannah river.  It’s a quiet place but there are lots of quirks which really make this city unique.  The roads lined with streetlamps and the fountains in the park also make this place remarkably pretty.

One place that you should definitely stop at, if you should ever visit Savannah, Georgia, is Leopold’s ice cream parlour; there are plenty of interesting flavours and I challenge you to try them all! 😉

Watch out for the brain freeze, though!

Additionally, there is a random Christmas shop which is open all year long.  There are so many ornaments to admire, and buy if you’re feeling festive.  They’re very unusual too; I bought my parents a Davros tree ornament which I’ve never seen anywhere else. (Yes, that is Davros of Dr Who fame!

On the evening, we stopped off at a small bar (forgive me, I’ve forgotten the name) which had an outdoor beer garden with fairy lights strung up and a live band playing.  It was so chilled, and the band were good too; they even played the Super Mario theme tune which was rather fitting considering my backpack is a Mario bag.

So, Georgia, you were a very understated place with lots of hidden beauty waiting to be discovered.


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