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Does anyone else really struggle finding decent beauty products that will do exactly what they say on the tin?

I’ve noticed in the past, say, six months that the pores on my nose seem more noticable.  This could just be my paranoia as I head toward my next birthday (which makes me mid-30s! Yikes!!) but it’s certainly something that has started to bother me.  Particulalry because I never noticed these types of problems when I went through my awkward, self-conscious teenage years.

Well, I’ve been trying to combat this problem anyway for a short while and I’ve invested in so many lotions and potions and the prices don’t come cheap, or they at least mount up when you end up buying them in bulk.

Now, I’ve always rated Tea Tree as being a decent product and it’s relatively cheap too.  So, I carried out a Superdrug splurge and bought Tea Tree facial scrub, overnight jelly (which is bright green!), a daily gel and some good old-fashioned Tea Tree oil.  All of these products were doing a grand job and I noticed my skin looking a bit brighter.

But those pesky pores of mine still seemed to be… there!

Now, in the past, I’ve bought those white strips that you peel off and I’ve also bought the black goo that you leave to dry and then peel off.  The latter, I deemed as.. OK.  So, I thought I’d have a look for some Tea Tree nose strips on Amazon.  Lo and behold, I found some… and they’re ridiculously cheap!  I read the reviews and saw the usual when it comes to these types of products (“they are so painful!”, “almost ripped my nose off” and, simply, “Ouch!”) but the majority of people had said they worked… so I bought them.

Screenshot 2020-05-26 at 16.14.44

Once they arrived, I lay in the bath and applied one of the little things to my freshly cleansed nose.  And then I waited ten minutes…

Good grief!!  It was magical!

Did it hurt?  Not in the slightest!!  (Maybe all my nose nerves are dead from years of ripping off similar products)

I peeled off the white strip and saw that there were little blobs of gunk standing up on it… just like what you see on the adverts!  It was totally gross and I think the H2B would probably call off the wedding if he caught me inspecting it but it was just amazing.  When I used the black goo, I had to look so closely for some proof that it was worth it, but this product was just evidently successful.  It was brilliantly satisfying!

I’ve used the strips several times now and my pores are noticeably smaller (to me, anyway!) and I’ve ordered extras now too.  I even left an Amazon review – my first one! – and I’ve been buying from there for years.  You can find them here: Tea Tree Nasal Strips

If anyone else has used these or have recommendations for similar products that do a mighty fine job, please share!

Loula Bella xoxo

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