My time has come… ?

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Have you ever had that moment when you’re like, “This is it!! I’m about to become the new Spiderman!”

I had that today.

I was sat in the garden when I felt a tickle on my leg. I kicked it out, thinking a fly had landed on me and that a sudden movement would sent it packing.

However, it happened again… and then once more.

So, irritated, I looked down at my leg to see the brightest spider I had ever seen in my life! (in the UK, at least…)

I’m sure you will agree that it looks like something from the Marvel movies!! So, yeah, I’m just waiting for my new webbing skills to kick in and I’ll get on to designing my own Spidey costume! Which is going to be illuminous green, apparently…

What a creature!


So… does anyone know what this actually is? Google tells me it’s a Green Ord-Weaver Spider…

Also, if anyone needs someone to come and fight crime in their neighbourhood, give me a shout.

Spidey xoxo

(Aka… Loula Bella)

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