Living Under a Rock!

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Now, before I start, you must understand that I am a big movie lover.  I think my most ideal job in the world would be to review Movies (and Games), so as you can imagine I was horrified to learn that Lee has lived under a rock for most of his life.

Being a self-professed movie geek, I’ve seen some random films as well as the big blockbusters, but my boyfriend hasn’t even seen the classics.

We’ve been together 19 months now, and we’ve known each other for 2 and a half years, and during that time I’ve introduced him to several films from my childhood which I expected everyone to have seen.  However, today, he hit me with the brick of “I’ve never seen Mrs Doubtfire”!!!!

Here are a list of the films I’ve forced him to watch over the past couple of years and I’ve added some which are on our “to watch” list:

Jumanji ✅

The Goonies ✅

The Shawshank Redemption ✅

 Forrest Gump ✅

Back to the Future ✅

Friday ✅

The Sixth Sense ✅

Goodfellas ✅

Mrs Doubtfire


Back to the Future 2

Back to the Future 3


The Godfather


If you have any other suggestions, that would be great!  He’s seen most Disney films!

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