10 best items for a hospital bag for c sections

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Are you wondering what is essential for your hospital bag for c sections? Have you been completely bamboozled by the copious amount of lists online?

I remember feeling the exact same when I was getting my NHS hospital bag prepared. I repacked it about five times! Hopefully, this will help you to realise that you’re probably overthinking it all though. I certainly did!

When I was pregnant, I had no idea about what to pack in my hospital bag for c sections. I genuinely thought it was just like packing for a night at a hotel and I suppose it is. In a way.

You can read about my little one entering the world here.

Tip: Don't waste your money on a new suitcase. Get that old, well-travelled one from the loft and save your money.

The first picture of me holding my baby after giving birth.  I was well prepared with my hospital bag for c sections
The wait was over!

The essentials for a hospital bag for c sections!

So, what do you need in that hospital bag for c sections? You probably already know that you need clothing and a hairbrush. However, here is a list of items that I consider to also be essential…

Pants! Lots of pants!

And when I say pants… I mean the big, Bridget Jones-style pants that you probably have lurking at the back of your knicker drawer. Think comfort, not fashion. There is no time, or need, for glamour during a pregnancy!

Whether you have a natural birth or a c-section, you will want, no, need something light and airy down there.


This is when you need to think about that overnight stay in a hotel. Pop to your local Superdrug and get yourself some of those travel-sized toiletries. Here is a list of what I’d recommend for your toiletry bag:

  • toothpaste
  • toothbrush
  • deodorant
  • shampoo
  • flannel
  • face wash
  • face wipes
  • body wash
  • make-up remover (in case you end up in labour earlier than expected)
  • maternity towels – it’s worth stocking up on these for when you’re home too!
Tip: Organise your items into labelled Ziploc bags.  This will help you and your birthing partner locate things more easily.  You can get pre-labelled ones but I just used a Sharpie.
Baggy Clothing

When I say baggy, think trousers that MC Hammer would be envious of! Clothing needs to be comfortable no matter what type of birth you have.

Once I found out that I was having a caesarian, I also packed a maternity dress which wouldn’t rub against my wound. Baggy clothing is essential for being packed in a hospital bag for c sections.

Dark Clothing

OK, so we’ve established that the clothes need to be baggy but they also need to be dark. This is one of the key items for a hospital bag for c sections. You’re going to have fluids coming out of a few body parts post-birth and you want to be as discreet as possible.

Your socks can be any colour though! Unless you want to have full-on ninja vibes!

One of the first pictures of my baby.  He is swaddled and wearing a hat.
And life was never the same again…

Now, the hospital will provide you with sufficient painkillers but this is for your partner. The process of giving birth is highly pressured and the adrenaline will be pumping through your partner’s body so provide them with some pain relief once they are on the comedown.

Breast Pads

Like I said, your body is going to be leaking fluids all over the place with your boobs being one (or two!) of the main culprits. Ensure you have a stash of breast pads in your hospital bag so that you don’t get caught short. Even with those dark clothes, two damp patches will be pretty noticeable.

Make sure you add these to your hospital bag for c sections or natural births.

Some form of entertainment

This is mostly for those who plan on giving birth naturally but, if you’re booked in for a c-section, definitely still consider taking something with you. As you’re not sure how long your labour will be, it’s worth packing a tablet or a book. A friend of mine ended up being in hospital for a few days before baby arrived and she certainly experienced bouts of boredom.

A jigsaw puzzle may be a stretch but hubby was planning on taking the laptop so that he could play Football Manager. I’m not even joking! This changed when we were told that we had to have a c-section though.

Phone charger

If you have a spare, pack it! You will want to have a fully-charged phone to capture those moments throughout the birth, both before and after.

Tip: Choose a suitcase or hospital bag that has pockets.

It’s an obvious one but sometimes they’re the most forgettable. As a Coeliac, I was unable to eat the hospital food so hubby had to keep popping to the shop for me. If we didn’t have the cash, I’d have had to go hungry and, as all pregnant ladies know, I’d have soon become hangry.

It’s important that you eat and put money in your hospital bag for c sections or natural births.


Hospital food may be one of the things you’re looking forward to the most so cash may not be high on the list of priorities. However, it’s always worth carrying a few snacks in your bag though. Just some biccies or sweets, nothing major. A Dairylea snack-pack will probably suffice, to be fair.

And this concludes my list of essentials for the hospital bag for c sections.

Do you have any other essentials that you would like to add to the list? You are very welcome to share your own experiences in the comments as these may help many other Moms-to-be.

I look forward to hearing your suggestions! And good luck to those pregnant Mommas out there.

Loulabella xoxo

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