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Looking at the length of my nails nowadays, people don’t believe that I used to bite them right down to the quick.

I did! My fingers would constantly be in my mouth as I nibbled and nibbled, often making them so sore. My Dad used to try and challenge me to help me quit – he would offer me £50/£100 to try and help me break the habit. It never worked. I even bought that stuff that tastes gross to try and stop but that didn’t work either; I just got used to the taste.

Then, one day, and I can’t tell you why, I decided to try really hard and not bite them. This was about 14 years ago. I noticed the following day that there was a tiny bit of white on my nails so I painted them. I looked a bit emo with my short, dark nails but I noticed them growing. It took all my will-power not to bite them and, after a week or so, I was noticing a difference.

Now, I’d love to say that that was that and my nails just grew beautifully. The End.

It wasn’t that easy. I had slip-ups where I would bite my nails after a stressful day or I’d go swimming and they would be softer and easy to nibble, but I noticed that I began to feel cross with myself for going back to square one.

After 14 years, I’ve very much broken the habit of biting them and one thing that helped was painting them. However, due to the years of biting them, my nails weren’t very strong and, as I was due to get married this year (my wedding has now been postponed to 2021!), I wanted nice, strong nails on my wedding day. I even have a nail that is split down the middle and breaks once it gets too long – just one of the damages caused by years of my biting habit.

So, after Christmas, I decided that I would not paint my nails until my wedding to try and strengthen them but I noticed that wasn’t enough. I then stumbled across Sally Hansen’s ‘Hard as Nails’ lacquer and this has been a Godsend. My nails are now so much stronger than they have ever been and they’ve made my nails too tough to nibble. I can’t even nibble the corners or the edges because they are just that much stronger since using this product.

Now, I’m not saying that the Sally Hansen product is a miracle worker but it has definitely made a difference and I wish I had this stuff when I was going through the process of breaking my nail biting habit. As you can see, my nails are really long now and that’s because they’ve become so much healthier since using the strengthener – they were nothing like this 15 years ago!!

I certainly recommend this product if you are trying to break the habit of biting your nails and want to strengthen them. You can buy it here: Sally Hansen Hard As Nails

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