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Our little boy has had a really strong neck since about two months old but, coming up to five months, he’s still not sitting independently. But he wants to! So, we bought him a Fisher Price Baby Activity Seat to encourage him to sit up.

We initially purchased an inflatable ring that we would sit him in by propping him up against the side. It was a great purchase and we still use it now… we’ve just turned it into a ball pit instead.

My little boy playing in the BabyZee Safari Sit Me Up

We also prop him up on the sofa as he enjoys sitting between me and Hubby or even just sitting on his own, chewing on his teething toys. Obviously under close supervision!

However, at one of his baby groups recently, I saw the giraffe-style Fisher Price Baby Seat and put Arthur in it. He loved it and spent ages using his hands to reach for the objects on the tray.

Yesterday, we decided to buy one for home and it’s one of those things that you’re really pleased you invested in. My little boy thoroughly enjoys sitting in the chair, playing with his toys, chewing on his teething toys and strengthening his back to sit up independently.

My little boy sitting in the Fisher Price Sit-Me-Up baby activity seat in the Terrazzo design.  He has toys attached.
My little one loves the Fisher Price Terrazzo Sit-Me-Up bay activity seat

Are activity seats good for babies?

They are indeed! Their intended purpose is to help babies develop strength in their body to encourage them to sit up independently.

Not only that but many of the activity seats out there come equipped with sensory toys that are designed to help babies develop their fine motor skills.

It is always such a pleasure seeing your baby’s development grow and activity seats certainly help with that. Arthur has started reaching for toys that sit on his activity seat’s tray and he now transfers that skill to other environments he finds himself in.

Can a 4 month old sit in a baby seat?

We waited for Arthur to turn 5 months before investing in a baby activity seat as, even though he can hold his head up, he’s still not quite strong enough to sit up.

I am, however, encouraging him to sit up by having him sit in front of me and holding his hips rather than his waist.

The seats themselves, though, are recommended for 3 months+ so it does come down to your own judgement as to when you feel is best to introduce an activity seat to your baby.

The Fisher Price Giraffe Sit Me Up has a high back to support baby’s head

Are baby activity seats safe?

It’s really important that you do check the age recommendation for the baby activity seat that you choose. Also, like many baby products, it is recommended that you supervise your baby while they are in the seat.

Many seats come with hooks that can attach toys to them and, as your baby grows, those toys will be going into their mouths. It’s inevitable! Just make sure you’re keeping an eye on baby when they’re in there, even if you are carrying on with household chores or sitting down to enjoy a hot cuppa.

Baby activity seat with tray

As mentioned previously, some activity seats come with a tray and, as your baby grows, it can be used for different activities.

Once your baby can reach the tray comfortably, you may wish to put different sensory toys on there which they can grab and feel. You may also wish to put food items on there too once your baby is old enough and eating solids.

However, one fun activity that you can use the tray for is allowing some messy play that involves cornflour. I delightedly explained this foodstuff to my parents recently, how when mixed correctly, babies have tremendous fun exploring its texture. It tends to act as both a solid and a liquid as you can roll it in your hands but it then turns back to a gloop.

Other sensory foods that can be used in the activity tray are jelly (jello for the US), mashed banana and apple sauce. Just make sure that you wash baby’s hands afterwards, as well as the tray and the activity seat.

Best baby activity seats

There is such a variety of baby activity seats on the market now and they have different purposes too. Here are a few to help you to see what’s out there.

If you wish to find these products on Amazon, simply click the name of the product and it will redirect you to that exact product.

BabyZee Sit-Me-Up Inflatable Ring

Initially, we bought this inflatable ring to help Arthur practise sitting. We wanted to have something that we could also take out with us for picnics in the summer without it being too clunky.

It certainly served its purpose and, now, I’ve turned it into a ball pit. It’s not the most secure and I spend more time putting the balls back in but it’s proven to be a great product for what we wanted it for.

There is also a cushioned mat attached underneath which makes it comfortable for sitting on, as well as those times when Arthur loses his balance and slides to the side.

Fisher Price Sit-Me-Up Activity Seat

I first sat Arthur in one of these chairs at a baby group we attend on a Thursday. It was great for him to start practising sitting and strengthening his body for when he sits independently.

There are two loops to attach any sensory toys or teething rings, as well as a tray to use how you wish (see ideas above).

There are a few designs available. The baby group we visit have the Safari theme baby activity seat but we bought the Terazzo design for home.

I do really like this product and Arthur enjoys being in there too. It is also foldable and lightweight, making it great for transporting to other locations.

There are also other designs available, including a Penguin design.

IPENNY Baby Sofa Chair

I love this product! Arthur is at a point now when he wants to sit up alongside us, rather than being in our arms. He’s aware that he can sit, just like his Mommy and Daddy so wants to do the same.

This chair is perfect for the sofa, rather than sitting your baby away from you where they may become a little agitated after a short while. However, think carefully about what your purpose is for purchasing this product as there isn’t an activity tray available so it is just a seat.

There are three designs available, including a cow, dinosaur and pig. The material is really soft too so very comfortable for your little one.

This product is suitable for 3-12 months, dependent upon how well your baby can hold their head up.

Nuby Sit-Me-Up Baby Seat

Another inflatable seat which is a little more secure than the inflatable ring I purchased for Arthur. This one is actually designed for sitting and supporting babies as they learn to sit independently.

It also has an activity tray to develop baby’s fine motor skills and this can be removed as and when you please.

As this is an inflatable product, it can easily be transported on any journeys. I also like that it has a head cushion for extra comfort.

However, due to its lightweight nature, just be careful with leaving baby in there unsupervised. It has been reported as being ‘flimsy’ so it may not completely hold your baby’s weight.

Mamas and Papas Baby Snug Seat and Activity Tray

This is a really sweet baby activity seat and great for developing baby’s fine motor skills whilst they strengthen their body to help them sit up.

The design of this product provides more customisability for it to grow with your child and adapt to their interests. The tray is removable, as well as the activity tray, meaning you can adapt for your baby each day.

The inner seat is removable for when your baby grows and it is also plastic so can be easily cleaned.

The seat itself is suitable for the floor rather than the sofa which will allow your baby to feel secure when playing. However, as it’s made of plastic it may be deemed a little more uncomfortable compared to the Fisher Price baby activity seats.

Which is the best baby activity seat for my baby?

At the end of the day, this choice is completely yours for what you want for your baby. Check out other available baby activity seats from Amazon here.

Whether you want something suitable for developing the ability to sit up, to improve baby’s fine motor skills or even if you want something that’s easier to clean. Just think carefully about your baby’s needs at their point of development.

I hope this has helped you to make a decision with making that purchase.

Do you have a baby activity seat that you would recommend? Feel free to share in the comments below.

Loulabella xoxo

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