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So, with the sun shining this afternoon, we took Brucie to my brother’s house.

This was his first time there and we want to get him used to being in a new environment as my brother and his girlfriend are looking after Bruce when we go on holiday in a few weeks’ time.  As they have two little ones (my niece is 3 and my nephew is 7 months) I was a little apprehensive that Bruce, being a puppy, would be a little too boisterous with the kids.

However, all of my worries were swept away and Bruce was absolutely golden with the little ones.  He was sniffing round the garden, playing on the grass and although he did try to run off with a solar powered lamp at one point, he demonstrated model behaviour!

Well done, Brucie Bonus!!  Mommy and Daddy are so proud! ??

So, as a treat for you all, here’s a picture of Bruce cruising in my Mini convertible…

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