Ditching the Diet or Doubling It Up?

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So, when I first entered lockdown a couple of weeks ago, I thought brilliant, I’m going to be able to do daily workouts and avoid the chocolate that my colleagues bring in on a daily basis!
I’ve never felt so naive in my life.
The first two days were great – I took part in the Joe Wicks sessions and even watched a (beginners) yoga video on YouTube. I got my weighted hula hoop down from the loft and felt so energised that I could envisage me being svelte and slinky in my wedding dress. Four months till July which means I’ve got four months of daily workouts. Amazing! I’m going to look insane on my wedding day!
It’s literally only two weeks later and I’ve resorted to stockpiling biscuits and chocolate (and wine) whenever I manage to get to the shops and the hula hoop already has dust on it.
Is anyone else feeling the same or is it just me?
I’m now worried that lockdown is going to make me fatter than I was when I first started my diet and gym sessions in January (and I lost a stone by April).
Please send help!
And chocolate.
No, I jest – not the chocolate.
Actually, no. Send the chocolate but don’t judge me!
Loula xoxo

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