Magical Disney Christmas Eve Box Ideas

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It’s coming up to the most wonderful time of the year and I’m so excited to share with you a variety of Disney Christmas Eve boxes that will create a little bit of extra magic for you and your little ones this Christmas.

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What are Christmas Eve boxes?

Christmas Eve boxes are an extra little treat before the big man in red arrives. The boxes do not need to be filled with anything expensive as I’m sure your little ones will receive plenty on Christmas Day itself.

They have evolved from the tradition of having a new set of pyjamas to wear to bed on Christmas Eve or even opening one present that may be chosen from those already underneath the tree. It’s completely up to you and, depending on how Instagrammable you are, you really don’t need to overdo it.

So, I’m here to help with some ideas of what you can include in your very own Disney Christmas Eve box that may be for your littles ones, your partner, your parents or even yourself. Most items suggested are transferrable!

Mickey Mouse Disney Christmas Eve Box

First of all, you’re going to need a box to put your festive items in.

This box really doesn’t need to be big. As mentioned, it all comes down to you and what you wish to include. I’d be happy with a packet of Cadbury Snow Balls, to be honest! I’m very easily pleased.

So, below are a selection of Disney Christmas Eve boxes that may appeal to you…

Make sure you click on the picture to take you to the website where you can purchase the item.

Classic Mickey Mouse Christmas Eve box – shopDisney

Disney Christmas Eve box with Mickey and Minnie Mouse standing in front of a Christmas tree, holding a warm drink.  The edges of the box have a tartan design with the top being red.

For £3.00 I think this box is such a bargain! It’s gorgeously classic when it comes to Disney and is gender neutral too. A perfect box for any Disney fan. It’s a decent size too! Perfect for putting a set of new pyjamas in.

Tall Mickey Mouse Christmas Eve Box – shopDisney

A tall beige Christmas Eve box with gold snowflakes.  Mickey, Minnie and Pluto are asleep in front of a Christmas tree.  The handles at the top are red tartan.

I think these boxes from shopDisney are so lovely. For any fans of Mickey’s Christmas Carol, I feel that these boxes have such a vintage feel to them. Again, reasonably priced at £4.00.

Disney Christmas Eve Box for Babies – my1styears

A grey wooden Disney Christmas Eve box with white stars adorning the edges. A picture of Winnie the Pooh and friends in a wintry scene is on the lid.

Oh my word! Now, I know this a little more expensive at £38.00 (currently with a 10% discount available) but it is absolutely beautiful with its Winnie the Pooh design and it’s a very sturdy box that will last for Christmasses to come. For an additional £5.00, you can also have it personalised but you could always add the personalisation yourself if you’re feeling confident with a little DIY.

Vintage Mickey Mouse – Studio

These vintage Mickey Mouse boxes really are beautiful keepsakes. I like how they opt for a more classic gold trim, rather than the vibrant red and green that we know and love. This box from Studio is currently available at £12.00 which is a huge drop from its RRP of £25. Don’t get stung buying this elsewhere!

Conceal, Don’t Feel – PartyDelights

For the Frozen fans amongst us! This gorgeous box is suitable for holding a set of pyjamas or a few smaller items, such as a tube of Smarties, a pair of socks and a mug, perhaps. This box is available at £5.09

Wood Would Be Best – Etsy UK

I love that these wooden boxes can be personalised for the recipient of your beautiful Christmas Eve box and uses the classic Walt Disney font. As merchants on Etsy are independent businesses, the price is a little more at £22.50 but, due to the materials used, it can be kept for years and years. This box is large too so perfect for bigger items or a selection of smaller ones.

This Crate is Great – Etsy UK

Something a little different! Instead of a box, how about a crate! This is so beautifully crafted and the personalisation makes it extra special. You can even choose the colour of the font too. A fantastic buy at £19.99!

A Treat For All The Family – Etsy UK

Not only did the vintage Mickey and Minnie completely draw me in but I was also hooked by the fact that this is a Christmas Eve treat box! So this can be personalised for the whole family which I absolutely love the idea of! Different sizes are available too, starting from £15.99.

How to make your own Disney Christmas Eve box

Now, with the current cost of living crisis, you may be looking at some of these boxes and thinking “not a chance!” and I completely get it! I’m with you!! So, you could always be a little bit creative and still get the wonderful magic of a Christmas Eve box.

I’m very partial to a little DIY arts and crafts, especially around Christmas. It’s such a lovely way of personalising the box for your selected person which they can then keep and treasure for years to come.

Check out these items below to create your very own Disney Christmas Eve box.

Personalised Wooden Topper

You could add this topper to a cardboard box, a wicker hamper or even a crate to personalise it.

Super Stickers

You could jazz up your Disney Christmas Eve box with a selection of favourite characters from this bundle of stickers.

Cute Crates

Check out this variety of crates that you can decorate with your own festive designs to make a truly personalised item for Disney Christmas Eve boxes.

Wonderful Wicker Hampers

Try something a little different with a Christmas Eve hamper instead of a box. Check out the different hampers available here.

Keep it Classic

I love the variety of wooden boxes available that you can decorate in any way you want. Some even have clasps like the ones above to just give the box a little extra something.

Christmas Eve box ideas

So, we’ve see what boxes are available and which ones I recommend, whether they are store-bought or handmade personally. Now, let’s see what we can include in a Christmas Eve box. These ideas are completely transferrable for ages and whether they are Disney-themed or not.

Remember, the purpose of a Christmas Eve box is to create a little bit of excitement before the big day. You do not need to go big as you may wish to save that for Christmas Day.

  • Pyjamas – this is a tradition that my own Mom introduced when we were young and I realise it’s such a popular one with other families too. Matching pyjamas are also a great novelty now too so fun for all the family!
  • Socks – you may wish to make these festive, you may not but who doesn’t love (and need!) a new pair of socks
  • Christmas jumper – this year, my Mom is hosting for all the family (15 of us in total) and she has stipulated that we are all to wear a Christmas jumper. You may wish to put this in the box to generate even a little more excitement for the big day!
  • A plate – not just any plate! One for Father Christmas and Rudolph. There are so many available now and can even be personalised to add a little extra magic
  • A hot chocolate set – perfect for before bedtime when you and your family are giddy with excitement or during the annual afternoon viewing of The Muppets Christmas Carol. You could either buy pre-made sachets of hot chocolate or create your own chocolate lollipop which can be stirred into milk. Don’t forget the marshmallows!
  • A farewell letter – this one is from the naughty Elf on the Shelf who will be bidding farewell for another year
  • A Christmas bauble – there are so many beautiful, personalised baubles available now, in shops and at Christmas markets, or you may have even spotted one at shopDisney

Merry Christmas Eve

I hope this post has inspired some Disney Christmas Eve box ideas. I would love to know whether this is a tradition you have in your home or if you have any other traditions at all!

My family are BIG Christmas fans and we have created so many traditions over the years, from the classic to the weird and wonderful (my Dad hides a sprout somewhere for me to find every Christmas Eve and each year her does something different with it! Haha!)

Check out some other traditions that we have, as well as traditions that you may wish to introduce to you and your families.

Have a wonderful Christmas!

Loulabella xoxo

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