Demon, Demon!

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I get night terrors!

I don’t know where they stem from and I don’t know what triggers them, but they are flipping terrifying!

I’ve had many over the years and I’ve even got a Sleep Talk app which has recorded some of them over the years.  I don’t always use it because not only does it record me snoring (lol!) it also drains my battery on my phone. And, of course, I sometimes forget to switch it on.

Last night, I had another.  Recently, I’ve been dreaming that the kids from school are trapped and I can’t save them.  I think this follows an incident last week when I was on a residential and had to take a child to A&E with a broken arm and a cracked head.  It’s obviously played on my mind.

However, last night I woke up and thought I was dead. Yep!  You read that right!  In my dream I got stabbed in the back of the head by a big pin in my pillow, I sat up and thought I was dead.  I had to wake Lee up and check.  As you can imagine, my heart was racing!!

So, it’s no wonder I’m dubious about the fan we have in our room tonight… I know for a fact I’m going to think those little red dots are demon eyes!!

Wish me luck!  As for you guys, sleep soundly!! 

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