Day 9: A film with a soundtrack that I love (@Cineworld)

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Music really does make a movie. I’ve mentioned in an earlier post that (500) Days of Summer has one of the best movie soundtracks I’ve ever heard. Not only does it have some quality songs by amazing artists (‘The Smiths’, I’m looking at you here!) but the music is chosen perfectly to match the mood of particular scenes – I love the use of Sweet Disposition when Tom and Summer are on the train.

Octobersky: Movie Moments: "(500) Days of Summer"

But I digress!

The movie I’m choosing as having the best soundtrack has got to be… Forrest Gump.

Forrest Gump Review | Movie - Empire

Now, Forrest Gump is a masterpiece anyway and it’s one of those movies that you can watch over and over again, quote it naturally with your friends and, well, just really enjoy the soundtrack too.

Exploring America's Deep South in Forrest Gump's footsteps 25 ...
“I’m getting pretty tired. I think I’ll go home now.”

There are some true classic songs that are used in this movie, including Sweet Home Alabama, California Dreamin’ and Mrs Robinson, to name a few, but my favourite musical section (apart from the music that plays while the feather floats – and I believe this is called Jenny’s music but I may be wrong) has got to be when Forrest goes to war and there is a medley of songs by ‘The Doors’. Perfection!

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“…and that’s all I have to say about that.”

Is there a soundtrack you’d recommend me listening to?
Is there one that trumps Forrest Gump’s soundtrack?
Share your thoughts in the comments.

Loula Bella xoxo

P.S. After writing this post, Lee suggested The Lion King as having the best movie soundtrack and I have to agree that it really does have amazing music throughout. I’m not going to move Forrest Gump from the top spot though.

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  1. My parents used to play the Forrest Gump soundtrack in the car on long journeys. Only time I ever agreed with my parents about music…

      1. No, I love them both dearly but everything else in their music collection was (and still is) awful. So I owe this soundtrack a lot…

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