Day 4: My Favourite Disney Princess (31 Day Disney Challenge)

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There are so many wonderful Disney princesses and I love that they are becoming feistier and funnier as Disney portrays women who girls and women can actually relate to.

Now, don’t get me wrong, I absolutely adore Snow White and Aurora but they were very meek and mild, nothing like Tiana and Rapunzel of more recent times.

However, my absolute favourite Disney Princess is Belle. Growing up, I loved that she was brunette – I was growing up in a world where blondes were considered to be the pretty, girly ones so it was nice to see a brunette Disney princess who read books. On top of that, she knew her own mind, defended her father (against everyone!) and told obnoxious Gaston where to go. That face she pulled when he put his stinky feet on the table in her home is one of my favourites.

Disney Princess Picture Hunt Game - Disney Princess - Fanpop | Page 52

The song Belle is also one of the best from Disney. A load of townsfolk singing about how strange this girl is because she’s beautiful and intelligent and they’re also singing about how they need six eggs and something’s too expensive – Genius!

Belle | video | song | Beauty and the Beast

Who is your favourite Disney princess? Do you go for the classic characters or do you prefer the modern women like Elsa who states, “You can’t marry someone you’ve just met”?

Let us know in the comments!

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