Day 3: My favourite character (Disney Challenge)

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When it comes to Disney, this is a toughie. There are so many characters who I absolutely adore and are so worthy of being a firm favourite: Jiminy Cricket, Sebastian, Lumiere, Mufasa, Gus… I could go on!

I’m going to narrow it down to who I think I am most happy to have been introduced to… and, with that in mind, I’m going to go for…

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Just look at that moustache. I love how quirky he is in a village full of people who think they are better than him. Does he care? Of course not! He cares so little that he even encouraged his daughter to not care about fitting in too.

And… he was even willing to forgive Beast after he had kept him AND his daughter prisoner. He accepted that he was no longer mean with no questions asked. He trusted Belle’s judgement and that was that.

Not only this… he is also part of one of the best memes I’ve ever seen!!

Yes, although it was a difficult decision, Maurice is definitely a firm favourite. I even named two of my cars after him. I had two Mini Coopers so the first was called plain ‘Maurice’ and then the second was a moonwalk grey colour so I called it ‘Moonwalk Maurice’. Classic!

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