Wedding Dress Shopping: A Magical Experience?

Wedding dress shopping should be a fun and exciting experience, right? I have to say, when I went shopping for my own wedding dress in 2019, I was very apprehensive. Annoyingly, I had no clue of what style I wanted. I thought the bridal consultants would get really frustrated with me. Also, I thought I […]

Is my Summer Wedding back on?

Wow! Yesterday was a day that suddenly filled me with so much hope, yet so much anxiety. Boris Johnson announced his plan for the road map to get us out of lockdown in the UK, combatting the pandemic has put a long hold on normality. Included in his announcement was the hopeful plan to lift […]

How To Be The Perfect Bridesmaid

If you have recently been asked to be someone’s bridesmaid, I want to say a huge congratulations. It’s not a role that is awarded lightly and, therefore, you must be someone who is very special to another person; whether that be friend or family member. However, once the initial excitement wears off, it can become […]

8 Ways to Celebrate Your Wedding Day After it has Been Postponed

Has your wedding day been postponed? Do you feel really frustrated that your big day is no longer going to happen? Do you feel deflated that you’ve got to wait even longer to marry the person of your dreams when it was only a few days/weeks/months away? Because same! But I’ve got some ideas of […]