Seven Ps to help you build your business

Have you started a new business where you work from home? Are you thinking of starting one up? Have you read the success stories of people working from home selling Avon, Tropic and Body Shop products and want to do that yourself? Well, if so, my first tip would be to… Do it! Everyone has […]

Tell-Tale Signs You’re Over 30

Do you ever look at young 20-somethings with resentment due to their youthfulness?Do you refer to your teens as “the good old days” even though your first phone was a Nokia 3310 and straighteners hadn’t even been invented (but crimpers had!)?Have you forgotten what it was like to be young and carefree and now your […]

Disney World Easter Eggs/Secrets

I know a trip to Disney World might seem like an unreachable goal at the moment due to COVID-19 but when you’re finally able to get there, it will be even more magical than ever. Lee and I were due to go to Disney World, Florida in August for our honeymoon but that has been […]

Have a browse at my ‘brows!

I’ve never really taken much notice of my eyebrows. I know that they’re light and wispier than I’d like but the most I’ve don to darken them is use an eyebrow pencil. When I was 15, I was also in the era of the surprised clown look and have fond memories of my peers over-plucking […]

Fraudulent Fiends – Barclays

There are so many warnings out there about fraudsters trying to get your details – you’ve seen the adverts, you’ve seen the Facebook shares, you’ve even had the texts. These are all well and good but they really don’t prepare you enough for truly knowing when you’re being scammed… and this is absolutely no-one’s fault […]