Bruce – Calming Down

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So, Bruce is almost 1 (in July) and we did get to a point where our lovely baby Beagle reached a mischievous stage when he was about 9/10 months.

Oh dear, he suddenly got snappy snappy and went from being loveable to just biting our sleeves, arms and hands at any given opportunity.  What had happened to our little angel?

We searched high and low on the internet for answers to our problem puppy! All we seemed to read was that he was going through his teenage years and to be patient.

Well, a few months later he does seem to be calming down.  He still has his moments but all we need to say is “you’ll go in your bed” and he submisses into a puddle of fluff which is just too adorable to stay cross with.

Here he is looking well snouty – he came for cuddles and just kept shoving this bad lad in my face!! ?

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