Book Review: The Parting Shot by Linwood Barclay

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Years ago, I read a Linwood Barclay book (No Time for Goodbye) and it was a complete page turner.  I was hooked from the start and completely compelled by the dual narrative taking place.

Since then, I’ve read several more of his books but I recently read The Parting Shot and, although it took a few pages to gain momentum, once I got to the end of the first chapter, I was gripped.  Classic Barclay!

Now, it wasn’t a slow burner at all.  I didn’t feel that I had to force myself to carry on reading.  It was just one of those when you want something good to happen soon… and once it did, it DID!

The book is part of a set and follows dual investigations carried out by Barry Duckworth and Cal Weaver.  I hadn’t read the previous books within the set (which I’m devastated about but I hadn’t realised – bah!) but I loved both characters.  Especially Cal!  Even though they’ve had previous stories written about them, I felt that both men had fantastic character development.

And don’t you just love a book that keeps you guessing right. until. the. end?

I would certainly recommend this book to those of you who enjoy a thriller with a killer. Once that momentum picks up, you will want to keep on reading because who doesn’t love a whodunnit?

I’ve never understood those people who read the ending of a book prior to starting the book.  It’s always completely baffled me!  However, I had to really grapple with the urges to skip to the end to find out what happens because I was desperate to have the mystery solved.  I didn’t though – phew!

Thank you for being so fabulous, Mr Barclay!

Loulabelle xoxo

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