The Best Baby Sleep Sacks 2022

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Ah, you’re probably here because you’re first of all wondering whether you should invest in a baby sleep sack.

My little one was born in May so we didn’t really think about getting a sleep sack during the summer months. Especially as we had a scorching summer this year in the UK.

Here, you will find a description about what a baby sleep sack is and you will find some of the best sleep sacks for babies.

Why should I buy a baby sleep sack?

When the weather started to get a bit cooler and the bills began going up (grr!), we decided to consider getting Arthur a sleep sack to keep him warm during the night without our bills going through the roof.

Well, let me tell you that this was perhaps the best thing we bought! So much so, we ended up buying a few more too. Arthur now sleeps in one every night and he sleeps from 7pm – 6am most nights now.

Of course his bedtime routine helps with settling him and his age has made a great impact on his sleeping pattern, but the sleep sack is now part of his bedtime routine as it makes him cosy before winding down.

What is a baby sleep sack?

There are so many sleep sacks available now that are in different sizes, designs and togs. The togs are very important and we will get into the nitty gritty of that a little later on.

A baby sleep sack is exactly that… a sack! It fits around the baby’s body and zips up from the bottom to just beneath baby’s armpit (which is usually covered by an additional piece of material that has a popper to secure it in place). There are also poppers that fit the back of the sack to the front which are popped together above baby’s shoulders.

The purpose of the baby sleep sack is, first and foremost, to keep baby warm but to also provide a snugness reminiscent of being tucked safely inside the womb.

I really have been converted into being an advocate for the sleep sack and I now think it’s one of the greatest creations alongside the cuffs on sleepsuits that keep babies’ hands warm.

Baby smiling and wearing a sleep suit underneath a baby sleep sack
The face says it all!

Are there different types of sleep sacks?

There are indeed different patterns and togs available when purchasing baby sleep sacks but the actual design of the sleep sack generally stays the same to ensure security for your baby.

There are, however, swaddles available on the market for newborn babies which are a little more suitable for wrapping them up after just entering this big, new world. We did purchase some 0-3 swaddles for Arthur (I didn’t feel confident with swaddling him with a blanket) but, as he was deemed a small baby, they swamped his tiny body. By the time he was big enough to wear them, we weren’t swaddling him. You can find these via Amazon here.

Depending on the size of your newborn, sleep sacks can be used for babies from birth. It certainly comes down to personal choice; and, when I say this, I mostly mean baby’s choice as they will let you know if they are not a fan. You can introduce these whenever you feel comfortable too. We didn’t introduce ours to Arthur until he was 4 months old.

Are baby sleep sacks recommended?

If you’re like me, then you’re going to be paranoid when baby sleeps and you’re going to research SIDS about 17 times a day.

Due to the snug nature of the baby sleep sack, they are certainly recommended in comparison to loose blankets, which you are advised to avoid until baby is of a certain age.

It’s imperative that the correct size sleep sack is used so that it fits perfectly around baby; this means less chance of the sleep sack covering baby’s face. However, a well-fitted baby sleep sack will sit just below baby’s chin and their arms will stop it from shifting upwards.

Do sleep sacks help babies sleep?

Well, as previously mentioned, we were dubious about introducing a sleep sack to Arthur but we are now convinced it is one of the best things we have done since he was born.

Now, of course his bedtime routine contributes to how well he now sleeps at 5 months, but since introducing the sleep sack, we have certainly noticed a difference in Arthur’s sleeping pattern. He now sleeps from 7pm till 6:30am and this is rarely with any interruption.

As soon as that baby sleep sack goes on, Arthur well and truly settles down, ready to go to sleep. You can also read about the white noise machine we purchased which also helps him to sleep soundly.

This blue and white striped baby sleeping bag was purchased from F&F at Tesco as part of a 2-pack

How long do babies use sleep sacks?

This is completely down to parent discretion.

It’s highly unlikely that your child will be using a sleep sack by the time they are 10 years old! BUT, I’ve seen parents still using them with their toddlers, so around 2 or 3 years old.

I’ve even seen on Instagram, a mother share her toddler crawling around whilst wearing the sleep sack (it was very cute!) so it really does come down to preference from the parent and, of course, the baby. Remember, they’re designed to make babies feel snug and safe, and some babies need to feel that way for a little longer than others.

Are sleep sacks safe for babies who can roll over?

Arthur is now at the stage when he’s learning to roll! He can sort of get from his back to his front but he’s not yet confident – this, of course, means I’m constantly checking that he’s still lying on his back while he sleeps.

The sleep sack does not seem to be hindering his ability to roll at all… if anything, I think it might be helping him!

The design of the baby sleep sack is that there is plenty of room for leg movement at the bottom so it’s very unlikely that they will get trapped in there. However, always ensure that you’re checking your baby regularly and supervising when they are most active.

Which tog sleep sack?

I mentioned previously that it’s important to search for the right tog for the time of year. Similarly to duvets, baby sleep sacks have a thickness that is rated in togs; these range from 0.2 tog to 2.5 tog.

Below is a guide for when it is recommended to use each tog sleep sack:

  • 0.2 tog sleep sack – use this for when it’s above 27 degrees and only use it if completely necessary (such as baby will not sleep without it)
  • 0.5 tog sleep sack – use if it’s between 24 and 27 degrees
  • 1.0 tog sleep sack – use when the temp is between 18 and 24 degrees
  • 2.5 tog sleep sack – use if the temp is between 15 and 21 degrees
  • 3.5 tog sleep sack – use this high tog if the temp is below 15 degrees

Check out this chart from The Post Partum Party which shows how babies should be dressed depending on the temperature of the room and the density of the tog.

Source: The Post Partum Party

Where to shop for the best sleep sack

Sleep sacks are becoming more and more popular so here are some of the best sleep sacks for babies for 2022. Click on the brand name to redirect you to their website.


Ohhh, I really do love ASDA George’s range for babies and children. They have such a great variety.

You can also find the baby sleep sacks under their ‘Baby Sleeping Bag‘ link which has more variety – they’re exactly the same design, just called something different.

Prices start from around £14.50 but keep an eye out for any baby events where you may find some discounted products.

Check out this gorgeous Mickey Mouse sleep sack! I love it!



Tu at Sainsbury’s really does offer some absolutely gorgeous baby sleep sacks, especially if you’re searching for neutral clothing too.

We didn’t find out the gender of our baby so we stocked up on lots of gender-neutral clothing.

Tu has lots of Peter Rabbit designs which always look cute and more expensive than they are! That’s perfect if you’re thinking of purchasing a sleep sack as a present.

Prices range from £15 to about £20.

A Peter Rabbit baby sleep sack that is cream with a large rabbit at the top next to a slogan.  A pattern of rabbits falls beneath a blue horizontal line.
Source: Tu Clothing


Matalan doesn’t offer as wide a choice as Asda and Sainsbury’s but their designs are neutral and very sweet. They’re also far plainer in pattern if that’s something you prefer.

Prices are pretty standard here at around £13.

John Lewis

Ohh, John Lewis always goes above and beyond in their children’s clothing and their baby sleep sacks are no exception.

There is such a wide range here – they currently have 86 available – and their prices are actually really quite reasonable.

Prices range from £12 to around £50 – but, like I said, the choices available are fantastic.

Check out this Winnie the Pooh baby sleeping bag from John Lewis! Adorable!

Source: John Lewis

Marks and Spencer

M&S always offer high quality products and their baby sleeping bags are stunning. Their variety isn’t as wide as what John Lewis has to offer but their Peter Rabbit sleep sack is just gorgeous. There are, of course, other designs available if you’re not particularly a Peter Rabbit fan.

Prices range from £15 to around £40 so, again, fairly reasonable and you definitely get what you pay for when it comes to Marks and Spencer products.

Source: Marks and Spencer


Amazon has a great range of baby sleep sacks available that are reasonably priced.

You can also check out their TommeeTippee range of baby sleeping bags as this is a high quality brand that solely designs their products with babies and parents in mind.

Final Thoughts

I really hope this has helped you with considering a baby sleep sack for your little one.

If you already use them, or have done in the past, feel free to share your thoughts and experiences in the comments which will help other parents with making a decision about purchasing one.

Loulabella xoxo

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  1. Oh wow so many great sleep sacks to choose from. SIDS is a huge concern for many parents so I am a big proponent of using sleep sacks especially during the winter months. Your baby wants to snuggle and stay warm too.

    1. Thank you so much for your reply, Tamara! It’s always helpful having real life opinions about these things to help parents out there who may also be anxious about preparing babies for bed safely. xoxo

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