8 Ways to Celebrate Your Wedding Day After it has Been Postponed

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Has your wedding day been postponed? Do you feel really frustrated that your big day is no longer going to happen? Do you feel deflated that you’ve got to wait even longer to marry the person of your dreams when it was only a few days/weeks/months away?

Because same!

But I’ve got some ideas of how to jazz up that original special day so that, even though it will no longer be your actual wedding date, it will still be marked in your calendar as one to remember.

  1. Stay positive

    It’s going to be tough and your emotions will be running high. You will probably want to have a little cry – and that’s OK!! I know that I will be a blubbering mess from start to finish because the day I worked so hard to plan and prepare for isn’t happening. But I need to remember that it’s not happening YET! It will also be reassuring knowing that other couples around the world are feeling exactly the same so we’re in good company.

    Also, feel smug knowing that most of the prep has been done so you will have a year of chilling out rather than stressing.
  2. Revel in the fact that your wedding will be talked about for years and years

    Like me, you may have felt jealous of non-2020 brides who didn’t have a pandemic to contend with, but that’s going to make us special – and no one will forget your wedding, like, EVER! “Remember when your wedding had to be postponed because of a worldwide pandemic?”
  3. Treat yourself to a special outfit

    Both you and your bride/groom can make a day of it. Treat yourself to a smart suit or a cute, white party dress. Look fabulous on your would-have-been wedding day.
  4. Pamper yourself

    It’s not a full outfit unless you have your hair and make-up done. It doesn’t have to be anything expensive or extravagant but a nice up-do or some curls will really complete your would-be-wedding day look. As a bonus, go for a style completely different to what you’re having on your wedding day. That way, your groom/bride will be surprised twice with just how stunning you look as a bride.
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  1. Write a letter to your fiancé/fiancee

    Let them know that you’re happy to spend an extra year feeling excited about your wedding. Tell them how much stronger you’ve become after surviving lockdown and postponements together.
  2. Have a ceremony

    Light some candles, put on some music and exchange vows. It may feel corny and daft but no-one needs to know, just you two and that will be even more special.

    However, if you are feeling brave, maybe invite your parents or the wedding party.
  3. Celebrate with guests

    With lockdown easing, this can be done with a small gathering and, if you’ve got a decent sized garden, you can have a socially-distanced BBQ and some drinks.

    If you don’t have a garden or you don’t feel safe having guests over, have a party on Zoom. Everyone can raise a glass for the bride/groom and groom/bride that should have been.
  4. Pop the champers

    Buy yourselves a special bottle of bubbly (champagne/prosecco/sparkling wine) and toast your special date. You could even keep the cork as a memento.
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I know your day is not going to be what you had imagined it would be and that you’re feeling frustrated right now but when it does finally come around, it will be so much more worth it and you will have the magical day you dreamed of.

Lots of Love

Loula Belle xoxo

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