6 of the Best Baby Sensory Videos

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Are you wondering how to support your newborn’s development? Are you fed up of just using the black and white flashcards? I’m here to provide a list of the best baby sensory videos to begin to watch to support their development and stimulate those tiny minds.

First of all, congratulations on the birth of your precious little bundle of joy! You are most likely finding that your days are disappearing and your gorgeous baby is growing every single day. Seriously, where does the time go?

With Arthur, we went through a whole trial and error period with sensory videos for babies. Some that worked for others, Arthur was just not interested in. But, hopefully, some of these videos in the list will appeal to you and your little one.

It’s also worth mentioning that Arthur only watches any sensory videos for a short period of time so as not to overstimulate him. You can find out about me and my husband welcoming our little boy into the world here.

1. Hey Bear!

Ahh, the black and white Hey Bear! videos were great for Arthur when he was about a month old and could see that little bit further. We put the videos on the TV for him and he became mesmerised by the patterns. We started with some of the larger patterns and he responded well to the black and white stars.

Once he became more alert, we then moved onto the Hey Bear! videos which were black, white and red.

There are also Hey Bear! baby sensory videos that have dancing fruit and vegetables, as well as sea creatures moving through the ocean. Many use classical music overlaying the video too which are very calming for babies.

sensory videos for babies - Hey Bear with animated fruits and vegetables
Source: heybearsensory.com

You can find a list of the Hey Bear! videos here.

2. Super Simple Songs

These are definitely Arthur’s favourite and, as parents, the Super Simple Songs are certainly our preferred choice. They are extremely catchy as well as entertaining. Lee and I often find ourselves still watching them when Arthur isn’t. Welcome to parenthood!

Super Simple Songs are great for babies’ sensory as they are very colourful and repetitive. I would recommend these videos for children who are about two months old onwards.

The Super Simple Songs logo - A place to learn and play
Super Simple Learning
Source: supersimple.com

There is also an education element to these songs (if you can get past the bad grammar when ‘them’ is replaced with ’em’). The songs teach children to count, recognise colours and shapes, as well as being encouraged to explore the great outdoors.

The creators of the Super Simple Songs certainly provide good baby sensory videos and you can access them via YouTube here.

A cartoon picture of Peanut Butter and Jelly from Super Simple Songs
My favourite song? The Peanut Butter and Jelly song.
Source: KartoonChannel.com

3. Sesame Street

Ahh, the classic that is Sesame Street! This is great for children as it’s such an educational programme and more modern episodes also teach children about current affairs and mental health.

We have found that Arthur does lose interest in Sesame Street quite quickly so I’d recommend this for babies who are slightly older, from around the nine month age.

Sensory videos for babies - The puppets standing in front of the Sesame Street sign
Can you tell me how to get, how to get to Sesame Street?
Source: thewrap.com

The colours from Hey Bear! and Super Simple Songs are much more engaging for younger babies. However, I cannot wait for Arthur to be entertained by the adorable Elmo.

You can watch Sesame Street on YouTube here.

4. Mickey Mouse Clubhouse

As you may know, I’m a huge Disney fan so a little bit of Mickey Mouse has definitely been encouraged in this household. The colours of this programme are very captivating but, similarly to Sesame Street, this show is more suited to children from around six months.

Sensory videos for babies - Mickey Mouse Clubhouse showing Mickey and friends
Source: disneyplus.com

Again, baby sensory videos only really appeal to me if they have an educational element to them. Mickey Mouse Clubhouse is one of them. It teaches babies/toddlers to count, recognise colours and shapes, explore their emotions etc.

When Arthur was around a month old and still only able to be stimulated by objects that are black and white, I introduced him to Steamboat Willie.

A picture of Arthur who was one month old, watching Disney's black and white Steamboat Willie
Black and white sensory

Both Mickey Mouse Clubhouse and Steamboat Willie are available on Disney+ which you can be redirected to here. Please note, a subscription is required.

4. Miss Rachel

I’ve heard of Miss Rachel through recommendations from other parents. Some parents have said that Miss Rachel has really helped their babies with their sensory development, encouraging them to babble, talk etc.

Sensory videos for babies - A picture for Baby Learning with Ms Rachel
Source: youtube.com

Granted, Miss Rachel is slightly annoying but introduce me to a child’s entertainer who isn’t. She’s certainly enthusiastic and appeals to children. I would recommend Miss Rachel for babies who are six months plus and especially for toddlers to encourage their development.

You can access Miss Rachel’s videos via YouTube here.

5. Bluey

Bluey seems to be taking the world by storm! I’m yet to meet a child, or family in fact, who isn’t a fan of Bluey. She is certainly entertaining, as well as educational. This cartoon is not just directed at babies and toddlers but at the adults as well.

Sensory videos for babies - Bluey, a small, blue dog with a smaller siblings and parents
Source: imdb.com

Many parents veer towards introducing their little ones to Bluey rather than Peppa Pig nowadays. Peppa is earning herself a reputation of being a bit bratty which is encouraging such behaviour in their own children. Bluey only seems to receive high praise and will certainly be one I introduce Arthur to when he’s a little older. I’d recommend Bluey for toddlers who are aged around eighteen months.

You can access Bluey on Disney+ which can be found here.

6. Bob the Train

Hmm, I was reluctant to add Bob the Train to the baby sensory videos list. I find him rather annoying and not as polished as Super Simple Songs. That could be the cynical educator in me, though. I’m sure there are parents out there who would certainly enjoy a bit of Bob the Train.

Sensory videos for babies - Bob the Train, a colourful train who sings nursery rhymes
Source: YouTube.com

The only thing I would recommend Bob the Train for is his bright colours and you can have a bit of a giggle as an adult at some of the songs. However, as CocoMelon (not included) seems to be receiving negative press lately regarding being too overstimulating, I would probably say Bob the Train is in the same category.

What we do find helpful is having Bob’s nursery rhymes on in the background and we sing along to them, facing Arthur away from the TV.

You can find the nursery rhymes from Bob the Train on YouTube, here.

What do you recommend?

What are your thoughts on baby sensory videos? I would love to know what you would recommend and for what age. Feel free to leave your feedback in the comments.

Loulabella xoxo

Disclaimer: Now, I know there are various thoughts and opinions when it comes to babies watching videos. I appreciate the pros and cons of them both watching and not watching them. However, this list is for those who may wish to support their baby’s development via the use of sensory videos.

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