22 of the Best Disney Girl Names for your Baby

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Are you searching for the perfect name for your little bundle of joy? Below is a list of the top 22 Disney girl names that will certainly sprinkle some Disney magic into you and your little one’s life instantly.

You may be searching for something unique or you may even just want something that makes people instantly recognise that your gorgeous little one has a Disney name. Whatever you’re after, this list is here to help and to inspire you from Sleeping Beauty to The Princess and the Frog to Toy Story to Frozen.

There are even some variations of the names provided for those who want to have a Disney-inspired girls name but don’t want it to seem too obvious.


1. Anna

This is a great name for your little girl if you want something that is Disney-inspired but also doesn’t draw too much attention to it being Disney-inspired too. Also, as much as Elsa gets a good rep (and rightly so), Anna is certainly the more intriguing of the sisters.

The only thing I would mention is that people will pronounce it how it’s seen rather than Ah-na.

Variation: Annabelle, Annie, Ana

Anna and Elsa from Frozen as two inspired Disney girl names
Super Sisters!
Source: people.com

2. Elsa

You can’t have Anna and not Elsa as a suggestion for one of the best Disney girl names. It’s such a pretty name and people will know that you have chosen this name to sprinkle a little Disney magic into your baby’s life from day 1.

Variation: Elsie

Beauty and the Beast

3. Belle

This name lives up to its French translation as it really is beautiful. It is a Disney princess name that is worthy of being chosen to highlight the fact that your own little one is indeed a princess.

A picture of non-animated Belle from Beauty and the Beast sitting at a fountain, reading a book (possibly about the best Disney girl names)
Our beautiful bookworm!
Source: Disney Parks

Belle is my absolute favourite Disney princess (you can read more about my all-time favourite Disney princesses here) as I did feel that I grew up in an era when Disney princesses (and other movie princesses) were blonde and dainty. Belle was brunette, like me, and it was just so inspiring to see.

Variation: Bella, Isobelle

The Little Mermaid

4. Alana

Choosing Ariel may be a little bit adventurous with it being a washing up liquid (but, hey, who am I to judge?) so I’ve opted for a couple of the sister Disney girls names here which are very pretty and very subtly Disney-inspired.

Halle Bailey as Ariel in the new live-action The Little Mermaid movie.
The beautiful princess changing the world for so many little girls!
Source: eonline.com

Alana is such a beautiful name and is not too popular either so, when your little one goes to school, there’s a good chance there won’t be another Alana in their class.

Variation: Lana

5. Adella

Another gorgeous name from The Little Mermaid and, again, very subtly Disney. Similarly to Alana, it’s highly unlikely that there will be many other Adellas entering your little one’s life, making them feel super special that they’re the only one with that name.

Variation: Adela, Della

Animated Ariel with her six sisters with potential Disney girl names for you to choose from
Triton was a little busy…
Source: Diary of an Aspiring Loser

6. Andrina

These sisters of Ariel did certainly have lovely names. I also love that they all start with the letter A.

Variation: Andy, Rina, Audrina

7. Vanessa

Now, rather than choosing Ursula which I do feel is a little extreme, I’ve decided to include her human name. Vanessa was very beautiful, even if she was a sea witch underneath (just ask the vicar… *wink*wink*) so it was only right to include her name in the list of Disney girl names.

Variation: Nessa, Ness

Sleeping Beauty

8. Aurora

I absolutely adore this name. Old-fashioned names are making a comeback and Aurora has something middle-earthly about it. So, if you wish to give your baby girl a mystical name which is inspired by a Disney princess, this one is certainly for you.

Variation: Aurelia, Aria

9. Flora

Aww, this name is just so sweet and very unique. How many Floras do you know? Its origin of meaning being linked to nature, flowers and plants makes it an extremely pretty name.

Aurora from Sleeping Beauty with her woodland friends
I always thought the owl was more suave than Prince Charming…
Source: Disney Fanatic

10. Rose

Briar Rose might be pushing it a little bit so I’ve opted for just simply ‘Rose’. It’s such a gorgeous old-fashioned name that is as beautiful as the flower itself. Rose could also link to the theme of Beauty and the Beast too.

The Princess and the Frog

11. Charlotte

A very traditional name that is certainly making a comeback. Even Prince William and Princess Kate chose this one for their little princess.

Variation: Charlie, Lottie

Tiana from the Princess and the Frog in a green -leaf ball gown
New series for Tiana coming soon!
Source: IMdB

12. Tiana

Another name that I just think is absolutely gorgeous! Tiana herself is just a beautiful character and there has certainly been an increase in people naming their daughters after this Disney princess (luckily, not enough that it’s excessive so it’s still quite unique).

Variation: Tia, Tina

13. Evangeline

Ohhh, Ray!! His love for Evangeline was one of the sweetest things I’ve seen in a Disney movie so I just had to put it in here. It’s a rare name too so will certainly be unique and Disney-inspired.

Variation: Angel, Angelina


14. Anastasia

Unfortunately, this beautiful name is associated with an ugly sister in Cinderella. However, no one needs to know that so feel free to name your gorgeous girl Anastasia as I’m sure no one would make that link.

Variation: Ana

Anastasia and Drizella laughing - the two ugly sisters from Cinderella
One of the beautiful Disney girl names
Source: Inside the Magic

I’m very reluctant to put Cinderella as a recommended Disney girl name but I will certainly suggest Ella as a variation of that name.


15. Meg

I love Meg. She is just wonderful and certainly one of my all-time favourite Disney heroines. I love that she is strong and confident and she has one of the best songs to belt out what you fancy singing along to a Disney power ballad. Meg is such a unique name for your little one.

Variation: Megan

So much sass!
Source: ArtStation

The Rescuers

16. Bianca

You don’t get many Biancas so this is definitely one to choose if you are after something a little more obscure than the others. She is certainly the classiest mouse I’ve ever seen too.

Miss Bianca, the white mouse from The Rescuers providing one of the more unique Disney girl names
So much class from Miss Bianca!
Source: Disnerd Movie Challenge

17. Penny

What a cute name this is. I do really like the name Penny and it’s subtle enough to be Disney-inspired but it would be rare for someone to ask if you chose that name because of The Rescuers.

Variation: Penelope

Penny, the orphan from The Rescuers, holding a bear similar to Winnie the Pooh
Penny certainly tugs at your heart strings!
Source: IMdB

Toy Story

18. Jesse

I like that this is a gender-neutral name so if you fancy something that could be a boy’s name also, then this is a great choice for you. Also, Jesse is quite the sassy character and a great one to be named after.

Variation: Jessica, Jess, Jessa

19. Bo

Yes, this is taken from Little Bo Peep but it’s such a nice name and has quite a hippy, ethereal feel to it.

Variation: Beau

20. Hannah

Ahh, horrible Sid’s sweet, younger sister. You could also link this name to Hannah Montana if you’re a big Miley fan and wanting to stay within the parameters of Disney girl names.

Variation: Hanna, Anna

Sid's sister Hannah from Toy Story holding a doll, looking scared
Sid’s sweet little sister, Hannah
Source: IMdB

21. Molly

Another sweet sister from Toy Story with a very sweet name.

22. Bonnie

Disney Pixar really knew how to encapsulate sweet little girls which is perfect for those wanting to name their own little girls after Disney characters. Bonnie isn’t an over-done name either so will certainly make your little one unique.

Bonnie, the toddler from Toy Story, looking up at Andy in the garden
Bonnie tugged on everyone’s heartstrings with her big, brown eyes
Source: Digital Spy

What’s in a name?

There you have it. 22 Disney girl names for you to choose from. From the popular to the more obscure. I hope this has helped to inspire you with choosing a Disney name for your little one.

What Disney girl names would you recommend?

Loulabella xoxo

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