9 of the Best Cute Pregnancy Announcements

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Last updated on October 23rd, 2022 at 12:52 pm

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First of all, congratulations on your pregnancy! This is a very exciting time for you and your partner and you’re now probably thinking of cute pregnancy announcements to entertain family and friends. This may be face to face or via social media.

Below are 9 cute pregnancy announcements that will make you smile.

Super scratch cards

I absolutely love this idea! I’d only heard over the past year or so about fake scratch cards that can be bought so to discover some baby announcement ones is just wild.

Let’s face it, who doesn’t love a scratch card? We usually buy them for family and friends as a gift so this would have been one of the fun ways to announce pregnancy.

Coming soon…

A baby vest with your chosen slogan will always create a gorgeous photo which can then be teamed with an emotional post or a simple ‘Guess what?’

Whatever you choose, this will certainly get your friends and family excited.

Keep it simple

I do love the simplicity of the notification boards. You can write your own message and, nowadays, they even come with emojis too to make it more fun and personal.

A wooden board with editable lettering to share cute pregnancy announcements.  Behind the frame are booties, a baby vest and a scan picture
Source: loveloveloveblog.com

You can get your own board here:

Include the pooch!

As a parent to a Beagle, I think it’s so important to include the pets every step of the way. They are part of the family too and people love to see it.

You can buy lots of different accessories for the animals now but you may wish to get creative with your own way of including your pet.

A dog wearing a bandana around its neck next to a sign that shares a pregnancy announcement
Source: happiestbaby.co.uk

Click on the image below to get your own dog bandana:

Hey there, sports fans!

Lee is a huge football fan so would have opted for this idea if he had the sole choice. This is one of the top cute pregnancy announcements for families who support a particular team or sport and wish to get a printed shirt.

Source: parents.com

The beauty of pregnancy announcements is that you can be as creative as you like.

Source: 30seconds.com


This is perhaps the way I’d have announced our pregnancy if I had sole choice. I love the idea of having a new player loading. You could even include animals as players .

Three shoes sit behind three Playstation control pads to announce the pregnancy.  Player 1, Player 2 and loading Player 3
Source: huffingtonpost.co.uk

Seasonal Surprise?

Think about when you want to announce your pregnancy. Does your announcement fall around the time of a holiday or festival? It might even be the due date that’s seasonal.

I absolutely love this halloween-themed idea with the smaller pumpkin inside the larger pumpkin.

An unusual way to announce the pregnancy with a small pumpkin placed within a hollowed out large pumpkin
Source: parents.com

Getting quizzy with it

This one is in the same vein as linking your cute pregnancy announcements to something seasonal. My brother and sister-in-law did a Christmas-themed quiz during lockdown… in May. We had no idea why but went with it, even wearing Santa hats. Their bonus question at the end was ‘When is Baby J due?’ and teamed with an ultrasound picture.

It took every one of us a moment to realise but it was such a unique way of announcing their pregnancy.

Two naughty Christmas elves holding an ultrasound to announce the pregnancy.  A blurred couple kiss in the background.
Source: parents.com

Disney baby!

There are so many ways that you could include Disney in your pregnancy announcement.

You could stand in front of the castle at Magic Kingdom or purchase three sets of Mickey ears (one being child-size). And if you can’t get to Disney, bring Disney to you.

A boy in a cardboard box surrounded by Toy Story toys.  A board announces the pregnancy
Source: popsugar.co.uk

Remember, A dream is a wish your heart makes.

Check out this incredible idea of having Mickey Mouse announce your pregnancy! Of course, it doesn’t have to be Mickey, there are so many characters at Disney World who would be honoured to share your good news.

A couple announcing their pregnancy with Mickey Mouse holding a sign that reads 'Dreams do come true'.  The couple are wearing Mickey Mouse ears and hold a small pair for baby.
Source: brit.co

I hope this list has sparked some creativity within you. Please share any of your own cute pregnancy announcements in the comments below.

We kept ours simple but had to have Bruce as part of our announcement.

Me and my family announcing our pregnancy
When three became four

I wish you all the best with your pregnancy! It truly is a magical time.

You can read about the birth of my little Arthur here.

Loulabella xoxo

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