Giving Birth: Welcome to the world little one!

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On Monday 23rd May 2022, my husband and I welcomed our beautiful little bundle into the world after giving birth in our own special way!

Our baby bundle

When I fell pregnant, we decided not to find out the gender as we were both intent on having a surprise.

However, several old wives’ tales led us to believe that we were indeed having a girl. First of all, my tummy was more of a watermelon shape, rather than a football. Secondly, I was craving sweets and wanted to eat them all day, every day, often devouring family share bags without actually sharing them. And, finally, we just completely convinced ourselves that we were having a girl!

Change of Plan

On that Monday, we went to the hospital for one of my routine scans – I’d had to have two a week for the latter part of my pregnancy due to several complications – when something flagged up as a concern. Before we knew it, we were whisked down to see the consultant. Not long after, we were sent to the labour ward where baby and I were strapped to the heart monitor. Then, at 1pm, they told me that I’d have to have an emergency caesarean at 2pm.

Needless to say, our heads were swimming by this point and we had to both inform our employers that we would not be returning to work that day.

Lee put on scrubs and a fetching pair of Crocs (one size 7 and one size 8 – he’s a size 9!) I went to the operating room. It was all a bit of a blur!

The Operating Theatre

The operating room was surreal – about eight doctors and nurses were milling around, singing along to the radio and having general chitter-chatter. I’m sure two were having a dance-off at one point too! This is not how I imagined giving birth.

Then, the epidural was administered, the screen was put up and Lee was nowhere to be seen. This was the only part of the process that caused me to panic slightly – I thought they’d forgotten about him! I asked twice if he’d be joining us soon.

Eventually, hubby appeared and, literally, five minutes later we heard crying.

Our baby was here!

Yep, it was that fast!

Meeting Mommy for the first time
Hang on a minute…!

The nurses cleaned the baby up before brining him over to us. Well, as you can imagine, we were both very surprised when the little girl we were expecting turned out to be a little boy. However, I couldn’t help thinking that our baby was blue and looked like ET!

We were in love straight away though.

We are so glad that we chose to have a surprise as we really did end up having a surprise! Like I said, we were whole-heartedly convinced that we were having a girl. So much so that my Mother-in-Law believed that we secretly knew the gender throughout the pregnancy.

I will never forget Lee’s face when the realisation dawned on him that he had a son. It was a magical moment!

Daddy Love
Our lives have changed forever

Welcome to the world, Arthur!

Look at that tiny hand!

Giving birth in this way was not what we expected at all but I’d do it all over again in a heartbeat.

Now, I’m excited to share more of our journey with our wonderful little boy.

Loulabella xoxo

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