Left Side Sleeping… but I can’t!

When I became pregnant, one of the first things I read was that I need to sleep on my left side as this is better for my baby and for my organs.

In my world, this is far easier said than done!

Like most people, hubby and I have a particular side of the bed and there is a reason why mine is the right side (from the POV of lying in bed).

No, it’s not so that the man is closer to the door as the great protector (in our previous bedroom, it was actually me who slept nearest the door 💪🏻)… it’s actually because I’m unable to breathe properly if I sleep on my left hand side.

Annoyingly, I have a polyp in my right nostril (caused by hay fever apparently) which restricts my breathing, so if I try sleeping on my left side, it closes my left nostril, meaning my airways are restricted. It’s something so small and so daft but it really does mean I can only sleep on my right side.

Ultimately, it also means that baby has to make-do with lying on that side too and, initially, I felt like I was doing something very wrong until I read that, actually, lots of women sleep in all sorts of positions and not just the left side! On their right, on their stomachs (impossible for me now!), on their back, upside down like a bat…

I do still worry, don’t get me wrong, and I wake up every morning in anticipation to feel baby moving but I think I would do that no matter how I slept.

So, what about you Mammas out there? How do you sleep? What’s helped? Do you have a pesky polyp stopping you from enjoying a great snooze on the opposite side? I would love to know your experiences.

Loulabella xoxo

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