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Every now and again, my mind transports me back to the good old days of the ‘90s when Nickelodeon showed some absolute classic shows. If you’re in your mid-thirties, like me, I’m sure you’ll appreciate this trip down memory lane…

Sister Sister

What a show this was! It was the show that made every teenager question whether their parents were keeping something from them and dream of meeting their own twin in a department store.

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I’m sure you’ll agree though, that as wonderful as Tia and Tamera were, it was Ray and Lisa who completely stole the show with their constant bickering and cheeky innuendoes. And who can forget Roger singing too? What a sweetie pie!

Kenan and Kel

I will never forget watching the first episode of Kenan and Kel that was aired on Nick and my brothers and I were completely hooked… it was the one when they find a screw in the tin of tuna and try to sue the company but, in court, Kel confessed that he was actually the one who put the screw in there. Even my Mom still says “I put the screw in the tuna” whenever tuna is mentioned! 😂

This duo was absolute comedy gold but, again, it was the supporting cast who helped make this show extra special. There was Chris who owned the store where Kenan worked, and Roger Rockmore was just a comedic genius!

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I used to love Doug. It was such a great cartoon. I loved the parody of The Beatles with their own version called The Beats… and one episode that sticks in my mind is when Doug and Skeeter win tickets to see them when they accidentally guess the name of their song – they can’t remember it so say “beats me”! Great stuff!

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I don’t remember much else about it, other than character names… Mr Dink, Roger, Skeeter, and who can forget Patty Mayonnaise? Possibly one of the best character names ever! 😆

Hey Arnold!

Sticking with the cartoon theme, Hey Arnold! Has got to be held up there as one of the greats. Who didn’t love that football head? Helga was the ultimate show-stealer with her infatuation with Arnold and the image of her statue made out of gum will haunt me forever!

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Stoop kid’s afraid to leave his stoop!


It has to be said that Rugrats was legendary! Who’d have thought that the antics of four babies would have kids across the world gripped? Tommy, Chucky, Phil and Lil were just the best, and Angelica was the wickedest child known to man 😅 However, it did kind of go downhill when Dill was born!

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Sabrina the Teenage Witch

Oh my word! This was possibly my favourite TV show as a teen. I was obsessed with Sabrina Spellman and her magical powers. Every single episode is memorable and they had some of the best Christmas episodes than any other show.

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Salem was the ultimate showstopper with his sarcasm and desire for world domination. Even when they had to bring new characters into the show, it just worked! And Sabrina and Harvey Kinkle were just couple goals! Cute!

Are You Afraid of the Dark?

Now, I don’t know about you, but I feel that this show was perhaps far too scary for a 6:30 slot!

I don’t think I was afraid of the dark until I watched this programme. Some episodes were scarier than some horror movies I’ve seen during my adult life! My brother and I watched them a few years ago on DVD too… and they are still just as creepy. I don’t think this show would be shown on a kids’ channel nowadays…

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I call this meeting of the midnight society closed…

What Nickelodeon programmes give you nostalgia? Share them in the comments! 😃

Loulabella xoxo

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