Is my Summer Wedding back on?

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Wow! Yesterday was a day that suddenly filled me with so much hope, yet so much anxiety.

Boris Johnson announced his plan for the road map to get us out of lockdown in the UK, combatting the pandemic has put a long hold on normality.

Included in his announcement was the hopeful plan to lift all restrictions by 21st June and this final date falls a month before my (postponed) wedding date.

Feeling Optimistic
I’ll be honest, I spent most of yesterday afternoon with a buzz inside my stomach because, finally, after having to postpone our wedding date from last year and putting our wedding planning on hold, it seems that I can finally start to plan my big day again. Lee and I (that’s my fiancĂ© – I mention him every now and again) just enjoyed that excitement last night; we kept talking about the wedding as if it was a certainty again. It was lovely.

However, about half an hour after falling asleep last night, I woke up with a start and could not switch my brain off: all of a sudden, my mind decided to list every single thing that I need to get organised for the wedding and I suddenly felt completely overwhelmed.

Where do I start?
Many things for the wedding were made last year as we (very naively) remained hopeful for our July wedding to go ahead right up until about early June but due to the recent lockdown and all of the restrictions that were in place since last year, I’ve pretty much forgotten what I’ve done. Also, since then, we’ve moved house and I’m praying that all of my creations, including my wedding planner, are in the garage and nothing got lost. I should note that my wedding planner is a book and not a human who has been stored in my garage!

So, after a few hours of mentally planning my wedding again, I’ve woken up this morning with a touch of anxiety. First of all, there’s the worry about the wedding decorations, then there are the suppliers (who I need to contact and check that they are still available), I still don’t have a hair stylist booked as my original MUA and hairdresser were unavailable for my new date, I need to lose weight and, finally, there’s the concern that the lifting of restrictions doesn’t actually happen and we have to postpone (again!) at the last minute.

What do you think?
Are you hopeful that the 21st June is the magical date for lockdown to be lifted? Or do you feel that we are being filled with false hope?

Either way, one thing is for certain… we need to be cautious as we journey down this roadmap.

Loulabella xoxo

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