Mother’s Day: A Day to Treasure Our Queens

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Are you searching for the perfect Mother’s Day gift ideas? You have come to the right place!

A pink bordered picture showing Happy Mother's Day
A day to celebrate our queens!

It’s all about you!

I have a memory of asking my Mom and Dad why there was ‘Mother’s Day’ and ‘Father’s Day’ but no ‘Children’s Day’. Their response was always the same: “Every day is children’s day”. I never really got that until I was older and realised that they were right.

Even though I’m in my 30s, my Mom and Dad are still there for me whenever I need them. Whether it’s something small I need help with, some moral support, or I’ve got a hefty bill I need help with. They’re always there, no judgement and no pressure.

That’s why they deserve these special days. Even though, really, every day should be ‘Mother’s Day’ and ‘Father’s Day’. And when my lovely Arthur asks why there’s no ‘Children’s Day’, I’ll definitely be delivering that gem of a response.

So, here I am to help with a few ideas of what to gift your wonderful Moms…

Afternoon Tea

I absolutely love afternoon tea. You cannot beat a few delightful sandwiches, cheeky scones (jam first, then the cream, right?) and cake! Lots of cake! Now, afternoon tea sets can be ordered online and delivered, you just need to Google ‘local afternoon tea delivery’ and you will find quite a few bakeries with this service.

However, you might find that this is rather pricey as they range from around £30-£200 and, even though you would love to give your Mom the world, your bank account won’t let you. So, why not make it up yourself? (That’s what I do!)

All you need is a trip to your local supermarket (wearing your mask of course) to get the supplies you need to make your own afternoon tea set.
1. Make a variety of sandwiches (cheese/ham/egg/tuna etc) and cut them into rectangles or triangles
2. Cut some scones in half and serve with strawberry or raspberry jam and some extra thick cream (not pouring or whipping cream – unless you are a master at thickening it up, I wouldn’t bother… I learnt the hard way!)
3. Buy a variety of small cakes (ASDA sell an ‘afternoon tea’ selection that has about 9 cakes) or large cakes cut into slices
4. Display the afternoon tea set in a nice box or a hamper
5. Place some chocolates (I go for Forerro Rocher but be careful of nut allergies) around the afternoon tea set
6. Deliver this gift to your Mother and let her enjoy

Mother's Day gift ideas - Several animated pictures of afternoon tea items - a teapot, cake, sandwich

(Zoom) Sunday Dinner

One thing I missed during the pandemic was having Sunday lunch with my family. It just was not the same. Even though we are now able to see families again, you may still live quite the distance. So, here is one of two zoom-inspired Mother’s Day gift ideas for a traditional family roast.

1. Invite your family to a scheduled dinner party on Zoom – make it fun by sending a quirky invitation that you can design for free on Canva
2. Explain the rules via a family WhatsApp group – everyone cooks their own favourite Sunday dinner and sits down at the usual time (around 3:00pm)
3. Ensure everyone has a device with Zoom on it (you don’t want any technical hitches before you sit down to enjoy your meal)
4. Make it fancy – dress up for the occasion, use your finest china and the cutlery set that you only get out at Christmas
5. Buy a nice bottle of wine or treat yourself to a coke
6. Cook and enjoy!

Family Quiz

This could be another Zoom idea for those living away from family. If you haven’t already jumped on the Zoom quiz bandwagon since the initial lockdown, this could be your opportunity.

My family and I had many a quiz via Zoom and, as the weeks went on, we were becoming more and more creative. We even had two picture rounds that were shared via PowerPoint (and sharing our screen on Zoom). In the Geography round, we had photoshopped a picture of Lee’s Mom so that she was in different places around the world. The second picture round was the Movie Round and we used the ‘Reface’ App to put family members’ faces on characters from movies. It took a little bit of work to set up beforehand but it went down an absolute storm.

If Zoom’s not for you or no longer necessary, just a normal family quiz will go down a storm for Mother’s Day.

Get Creative

Everyone has a little bit of creativity in them and no matter how rubbish you might actually be at making something, no one is going to love it more than your Mom. Think back to your younger days when your stick-men pics were displayed on the fridge or your salt-dough ornament was hung up on the Christmas tree. My Mom recently found a clay koala bear that I made when I was in high school and it now takes pride of place on her dressing table.

Mother’s Day is the perfect time to have a go at accessing your inner Mary Berry or Van Gogh.

Here are some Mother’s Day gift ideas that you could make:

1. Something rustic – an old jam jar with lace around it and embellished with buttons; pop a few daffodils in there and you’ve got a handmade vase
2. Crochet – purchase a beginner’s set and watch a few YouTube tutorials. I’ve heard it’s a very therapeutic hobby too
3. Paint/Draw – have a go at painting your Mom’s favourite destination. If it turns out completely haphazard, just state that it’s abstract and Picasso has nothing on you!
4. Scrapbook – all you need are some old pictures, patterned card/paper and a few embellishments, such as buttons or silk flowers, and you’re good to go
5. Cake – if you’re not confident with baking, just follow a simple recipe for making a Victoria sponge or some fairy cakes. You could always buy some ready-made frosting or sugared flowers to spruce it up a little bit
6. Digital photo album – if you prefer to use technology to create things, how about uploading family photos to a PowerPoint and sharing it with your Mom; you can make it as animated as you like

Mother's Day gift ideas - A montage of creative ideas

I really hope that these Mother’s Day gift ideas have helped. If you have any more wonderful ideas, feel free to share them in the comments below. I’d love to know about how you treasure your Queen.

Loulabella xoxo

And… For anyone wondering, here’s my koala bear which is clearly a work of art!!

A clay koala bear made by me sitting on the windowsill
A masterpiece!

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