Self-Care Sundays: Take care of you!

It’s taken me a while to truly understand what “well-being” means and, if I’m completely honest, I still don’t think I’m 100% sure as someone always seems to suggest something different.

I always thought that well-being was about doing yoga and drinking green tea but, now, I realise that, actually, it’s a lot more than that, and it’s very unique to each individual.

Don’t get me wrong, I have fleeting moments of inspiration to do Yoga every few months and will find myself searching for ‘Beginners’ Guides’ on YouTube. I even quite enjoy it when I do it.

However, I’ve come to realise that, in order to take care of my well-being on a regular basis, I need to make time to do the things that I enjoy. Sometimes, that’s just switching off from the world by reading a book or even playing the PlayStation for an hour or so.

One thing that I’ve introduced this year, as part of my New Year’s Resolution, is to ensure that I set aside a couple of hours on a Sunday evening to really pamper myself. Here are my steps to my ‘Self-Care Sundays’:

  1. Run a nice, hot bath with (lots of!) bubbles
  2. Light a candle
  3. Apply a face mask (nothing expensive, mine cost about 99p from Superdrug)
  4. Wash hair and apply a hair mask
  5. Soak for a good 40 minutes
  6. Switch off! – do this by either reading a book or playing a game on your phone (no social media or news)
  7. Enjoy it

I admit, this is nothing groundbreaking! You’re probably thinking “It’s just a bath!” And it is!! However, the key for me was making sure that this Sunday ritual becomes a thing. We’re three-parts of the way through February and I’ve ensured that I take this time for myself every Sunday evening since the start of the new year. It’s done wonders for de-stressing me before I get back to the stressful working week and has even helped combat that ‘Smonday’ feeling that I get around 4pm on a Sunday afternoon, after I’ve finished my Sunday roast.

Having this ritual has even encouraged me to take care of my skin throughout the week too. Every evening, before going to sleep, I apply all my lotions and potions, including anti-wrinkle cream, eye-lifting cream and Carmex; this is something I didn’t really do last year but, because of the inspiration taken from my ‘Self-Care Sundays’, I subconsciously want to keep that feeling going throughout the week.

Since putting this New Year’s resolution into place, I’ve seen such a difference in my skin’s complexion, as well as my mental mood. I don’t seem to suffer as many “stress spots” (those awful spots that crop up around your jawline) and my sleep patterns are better – I would always wake up at about 5:30am and, now, I sleep right up to my alarm in the week (which is 7am at the mo) and to about 8am on the weekend. I honestly can’t remember sleeping in so late.

So, yes, this is a very basic suggestion of how to improve your well-being, but sometimes it’s worth starting with the basics and building your way up. Lee, my fiancé, has even noticed himself how much these ‘Self-Care Sundays’ are helping me that he even bought my beautiful pamper set for Valentine’s Day.

Remember, your well-being is massaged in a completely different way to someone else’s and it needs to be a change in your routine that sticks. For me, it was pencilling in my ‘Self-Care Sundays’ and they’ve been a fabulous start to 2021.

I would love to know how you look after yourself and take care of your own well-being. Let me know in the comments below how you de-stress and switch off from the world.

In the words of Vivienne and Kit in Pretty Woman: “Take care of you!”

Loulabella xoxo

4 thoughts on “Self-Care Sundays: Take care of you!

  1. This is lovely. The simple things are the most important. I love having a bath and reading for a good hour. The best feeling in the world.

  2. Good reminder Loulabella. I begin every day with meditating and yoga to care for myself but know taking 1 day a week to really relax on a deeper level allows my energy to flow so I feel better. Resting and recharging are keys to well-being, whatever the definition is for us 🙂 Great ideas here.


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