Seven Ps to help you build your business

Have you started a new business where you work from home? Are you thinking of starting one up? Have you read the success stories of people working from home selling Avon, Tropic and Body Shop products and want to do that yourself?

Well, if so, my first tip would be to… Do it!

Everyone has their own reasons for starting a business from home, whether it be as a hobby, to earn an extra bit of pocket money or to support you with your role as a full/part time Mom/Dad. Whatever the reason, you can do this and I’m going to provide you with some tips to help you do it well.

I have several friends who have started their own businesses with different companies and are working from home and it has been wonderful to see them blossom over time. So, let’s start there with my first tip…

1. Patience
It’s so easy to give up on something when the success is not as quick as you would like it to be. This is the same with everything in life (dieting or playing an instrument, for example) but it really does take time. I’ve seen friends start Facebook pages to promote their businesses and then they fizzle out because they haven’t given themselves the time to grow. Remember, slow and steady really does win the race and you will get there.

Additionally, if you’ve set up your business during the pandemic and you feel that it’s a real slow-burner, it’s important to note that it won’t be like this forever. Once it is safe to do so, you will be able to organise product parties and face-to-face sales.

2. Perseverance
This links to tip number 1. Just don’t give up – remember, you started this business because you believed it would work and you had that confidence to do it. Keep a diary to write about how you are feeling about your business each day; when you’re starting to lose faith, go back to the start of your diary and remind yourself of how you felt.

3. Presence
You may get to a point where you feel a little disheartened because you’re posting regularly but not getting much interaction from followers or friends and family. Don’t let this put you off – remember that your audience is still there and your followers are seeing your posts. There have been many times when I have seen products posted on Facebook but I haven’t necessarily “liked” the post; that’s not because I’m not interested, I’m just probably not looking to buy anything yet, but I’m reminded of what that friend is selling so I can always go back to it at a later date or recommend that friend’s products if someone is after something in particular.

If your page is public, friends can always tag their other friends. Again, it takes time and patience. Be shamelessly present – your friends are supporting you so really won’t mind you popping up on their feed all the time.

4. People
Engage with your audience and make them feel part of your journey. I’ve had friends add me into groups on Facebook for their small business and I’ve left comments which have either been ignored or responded to in a half-hearted way (e.g. a thumbs up). This left me feeling a little disheartened myself and I became less interactive with their posts.

Friendly, warm, detailed interactions will show that you care and consider each individual customer, whether they are your friends, acquaintances or strangers, and they will be more inclined to buy something from you.

5. Passion
Showing how much you love and trust your products/business will certainly encourage your customers to feel the same.

I have a friend who sells Tropic products and she absolutely adores the company and what she is selling. Her enthusiasm is infectious and this has resulted in her being very successful in what she does; she’s even won a family trip to Kenya because she has worked so hard to sell her products.

6. Promote
You will notice that a lot of these tips interlink with each other but each one offers something a little different to support your business. To promote your business, you’ve got to be shameless again. Put it out there as much as you can! Network as much as possible!

Set up professional pages on as many social media platforms as you can with links to your products or your website. I have a friend who makes and sells candles and wax melts and she’s set up her own Etsy shop now; she promotes this business on Facebook and Instagram and it’s lovely to see her business grow.

Once you’ve set up your profiles, mark your presence again. Post whenever you can; they don’t have to even be linked to your products, sometimes a nice, positive quote will be just as powerful and draw in your audience.

7. Public, Private or Professional
This relates to the status of your social media pages. Obviously, the more public your pages are, the more customers you will draw in. However, professional (or business) options are becoming more and more available and these will help with knowing when best to post links to your products based on when your audience is most likely to engage.

For example, if you wake up in the middle of the night and decide to post a picture on Instagram, chances are you may not get much interaction as it will be lost in the feed by the time people wake up. However, using the ‘Insights’ link (once you’re set to professional) will allow you to see when is the best time to post based on previous engagement of your posts. This may be 6pm when everyone is winding down after work or 9pm when people check their phones one last time before going to bed. Whatever the time, it will be unique to you and your audience and this will help to boost your presence.

So, there you have it! Seven Ps to help you with building your independent business.

I would love to hear of your success stories or, if you have any of your own tips for growing a business, feel free to share them in the comments below.

Good luck to you and your business!!

Lots of Love,

Loula Bella xoxo

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