Day 6: My Favourite Heroine (31 Day Disney Challenge)

Without a shadow of a doubt, my favourite heroine is Pocahontas.

I loved her independence in a world that was ruled by men. I was also impressed how she could run barefoot throughout the forest without stones stabbing her soles and then swan dive off a ginormous cliff into the river.

Pocahontas is so free spirited I love it she's so beautiful ...

Additionally, she fell in love with someone she shouldn’t, rather than marrying Kocoum who she did not love, and stood in front of her Dad’s club so that John Smith would not be killed, ultimately saving many lives as this act of heroism stopped the war.

Savages II / Pocahontas' Path 【Pocahontas Fandub-Ready】 - YouTube

Then, after all of these heroic acts, she decided to stay with her family, rather than leave with her love, John Smith. This is a big difference to Ariel leaving her family, and the sea, to be on land with Prince Eric.

Who is your favourite heroine?

Loula Bella xoxo

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