Day 5: My Favourite Prince (31 Day Disney Challenge)

Disney princesses and Disney villains are often recognised as being the legends of the Disney franchise with the princes not really getting a look in. This is probably due to the fact that there aren’t many Disney princes who stand out as legends or heroes – they just don’t seem to have that powerful presence that the princesses and the villains have.

Could it be Prince Charming? No, he’s a little wishy-washy and doesn’t seem to say or do much (however, he’s not given much airtime and could actually have a crackin’ personality, we just don’t know about it!).
What about Prince Philip? He did well to slay Maleficent with his sword but he was willing to marry someone after a canoodle in the woods so this has pushed him further down the list.
OK, but how about Prince Eric? Prince Eric?? The man who, despite whether he was under a spell or not, was willing to marry someone purely for their singing voice! He had such a lovely relationship with Ariel, the chemistry was there, the mood was there, but was that good enough? No! He threw it all away for Vanessa, the sea witch in disguise, because she was singing on the beach. Sorry Eric, big thumbs down from me.


After much consideration, I have got to choose Beast as my favourite prince. For me, Prince Adam had such great character development. He went from being a selfish man to a hero who cared for others. He just needed a good, strong-willed woman to tell him off for losing his temper. Next thing you know, he’s given Belle a library and had a bath.

There we go, that’s settled then. Prince Adam (aka Beast) is my favourite prince due to him becoming much nicer after keeping Maurice and Belle hostage in his castle where he shouts at all of his servants. Erm… is it too late to change my mind?

Wait… Scar is technically a prince… I could choose him?!

Who is your favourite prince?

Loula Bella xoxo

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