Day 2: My favourite song (Disney Challenge)

Although Beauty and the Beast is my ultimate favourite Disney movie, it doesn’t actually have my favourite song in its repertoire.

My favourite song comes from The Lion King and is one that I absolutely love singing along to at the top of my voice no matter where I am. (Sorry fellow shoppers in ‘Primark’ who had to endure me bursting into song – next time, just join in and we’ll pretend it’s a flash mob)

The song I am talking about is… ‘I Just Can’t Wait to be King’.

The Lion King - I Just Can't Wait To Be King (1080p) - YouTube

The Lion King soundtrack is amazing anyway as it has top tunes like ‘The Circle of Life’ and ‘Be Prepared’ (Scar… Pete!!… I’m looking at you) but this song is so upbeat and fun. It certainly gets your foot tapping, your head bobbing and it makes you want to stretch out your arms and just belt out the big notes. Classic Disney!

Simba Just Can't Wait To Be King (With images) | Lion king art ...

🎶 Everybody look left, everybody look right, everywhere you look I’m… STANDING IN THE SPOTLIGHT! 🎶

What’s your favourite Disney song?

Loula Bella xoxo

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