Super Seasons

Is it just me who becomes excited about the next season that’s coming?

It’s almost as if I get bored of the season I’m in.

That’s probably because, in England, our seasons consist of the same thing: RAIN!

At least with the high expectations of the next season to do what it says on the tin, there’s still that element of hope.  It’s like I give up on the current season, thinking it’s done a rubbish job of what it should be like and then I look forward to what’s coming next.

In theory, chilly nights with scarves wrapped around us, red button noses, stew simmering in the slow cooker and the beautiful neutral colours of the leaves will be adorning our lives in the next couple of months.  That excites me!

However, rather than wearing our wellies whilst watching the fireworks, we’ll probably be in sandals, shorts and t-shirts, completely shattering the picturesque notion of autumn.  It’s what British weather likes to do: go against the norm!

Autumn and winter are definitely my favourite seasons, without a doubt, and it makes me grumble inside when our weather doesn’t do what it’s supposed to.  That’s how I’m feeling today – there was a real buzz at work a few months ago about how we were expecting three months of glorious sunshine (yeah, I never believed it either) so I’m sat here doing a bit of work (well, procrastinating from doing work) in my dressing gown and big, fluffy socks.  It’s cold!!

Anyway, with this in mind, I’m now expecting an Indian summer that last until about November (tut!) and then a wet winter (again!).

As a teacher, I live for snow days… and during the last academic year, I didn’t get one.  We were supposed to have thirteen hours of heavy snow earlier this year.  We didn’t get one flake!  And that was even the Met Office making these empty promises.  I was sat at my window all night, checking the updates on my phone to see that the snowflake symbol was constantly being pushed back an hour until… THE SUN SYMBOL APPEARED!!


So… seeing as I’m sat here feeling cold in August when it should be blistering sunshine outside, I am dreaming of crisp autumnal mornings and white wintry days that probably won’t occur but I can dream!

What’s your favourite season?  And why?

Love and cuddles,

Loulabelle xoxo

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